Sibenik was the third stop on our tour through Croatia. It`s a city with ugly suburbs, but it has a cozy medieval center which is worth seeing. And as many cities in Croatia, it`s located near the sea which gives every city a special atmosphere.


Sibenik has two castles which are both worth visiting. They are freshly renovated and you have a wonderful view over the whole city, plus many islands! And there are hundreds at the Croatian coast!








In the city center itself, there are many alleys, a lot of stairs and very old houses. It`s really cozy and beautiful! We loved it very much.






If you want to go to Sibenik too, then go there for about a day. We needed six hours to visit everything and afterwards we walked on the sea promenade, watched the sunset and ate fish in a good restaurant. You definitely have to eat fish in Croatia, it`s one of their specialties!

Love, Caroline ♥


Card 14

reading a lot.

being mentioned on Lisa Valinsky`s Blog!

knitting still on the Abruzzo sweater by WeAreKnitters.

cutting my hair short.

drinking a cup of coffee every day.

enjoying the warm temperatures outside, this summer is abnormal!

moving in to our new apartment!

looking forward to a new chapter in my relationship.

starting a job in an architecture office!! I`m so excited!

watching Desperate Housewives. An oldie, I know! But it still is such a good one!

going to Strasbourg.

eating lots of salads, because of my summer challenge.

Love, Caroline ♥


I`m back with another post about my trip to Croatia. Last week I talked about Zadar and today I want to show you some pictures of the national parks we visited.

At first we just wanted to visit the Krka National Park, but so many people told us that we should go to the Plitvice Lakes too. And I`m so glad we followed their advice, because we would have missed so much! So when you are planning a trip to Croatia, these are the two national parks you definitely should visit (if not more)!

Plitvice Lakes National Park was the first one we went to. From Zadar you need to drive about two and half hours, but it`s really worth the drive! I recommend to go there very early, especially in summer, because there can be many many people. The day we were there, it had rained the whole night which was a) good, because there was not so much traffic on the hiking trail and b) bad, because it was cold and there was no sun. Nevertheless the park was just amazing!!

Plitvice Lakes 7

Plitvice Lakes 2

Plitvice Lakes 1

Plitvice Lakes 6

Plitvice Lakes 5

Plitvice Lakes 4

Plitvice Lakes 3

There are 8 different tours from which you can choose. We did the route C and we were walking for about 4 to 5 hours. The walking paths are so much fun, because of all the wooden bridges you have to cross. I just love these bridges!
Included in the entrance price is also a boat ride across their biggest lake. After that ride, there`s a meeting place where you can have something to eat or drink.

Plitvice Lakes 8

Plitvice Lakes 9

Plitvice Lakes 10

Nature can be so fascinating! Just look at all those different shapes of green and blue… It looks like someone would have painted it, but no it`s reality! I`ve never seen such crystal clear water before… You might want to just jump in, but be aware that swimming is forbidden in the Plitvice lakes. If it`s a hot day (like the majority of the time in Croatia), then go to the Krka National Park, because here you`re allowed to swim!

We went there the next day and we were surprised that only a two hour drive away, nature can look so different! The Krka National Park looks like a tropical fairytale forest!

Krka 1

Krka 3

Krka 2

Krka 4

Krka 5

Krka 6

Krka 7

Krka 8

The highlight of this park is to take a swim at the end of the walking tour (which takes about one hour). So refreshing! But there are some things you should know…

  1. There are no lockers where you could put your stuff in.
  2. There is no lawn for sunbathing, only rocks! Because of this we only took a quick swim and off we were, although we planned to stay there a whole day!
  3. There are many rocks in the water, so maybe you`d like to wear water shoes.

Krka 9

Krka 10

We stayed only half a day in this park, but you can extend your visit by taking a boat to some islands where you can see an old abbey amongst other things. However the boat tours are not included in the entrance price and that`s the reason why we didn`t do it.

Both national parks are worth visiting, as I said before. But if you only have the time to visit one, then go to Plitvice Lakes! That was my favorite one. It`s bigger than the Krka National Park and there`s much more to see. But in the end you can`t compare them with each other… They`re both special in their own way!

So I`d like to know, have you already visited one of these national parks? How did you like them? Some more tips for someone who`d like to go there?

Love, Caroline ♥


Ok when you see the pictures of the apartment Pit and I chose, you probably won`t understand why it was love at first sight! But first things first!

A while ago Pit and I decided to move in together. We immediately started looking for apartments on the internet and we noticed quickly that it would be difficult to find something that suits all our expectations…
We wanted to have a separate room that works as an office, we wanted a balcony, the apartment should be big enough that all our current belongings would find a place in it, the apartment should be situated well and most importantly it should cost less than our previous apartments. High expectations… I know!

But lucky us, all our problems were solved in just a few minutes… The only thing I had to do was talking to my best friend! I told her that we were looking for an apartment and she said she already knew a solution: In the building where she`s living there`s an apartment that`s getting renovated and when everything would go as they planned they would finish it at the beginning of September!

We discussed the details and it all just sounded perfect! Pit and I were thrilled! Only, we hadn`t seen the apartment yet… But at the beginning of June, we finally could go inside! And the following pictures will show you how it looked right then!

Here`s the floor plan for better orientation:



Apartment 1

Apartment 2


View from the bedroom into the vestibule:

Apartment 3

On the left there will be the toilet and on the right will be the bathroom:

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6


Our apartment is on the first floor. That`s why we can step outside into the halation that serves as a source of light and air for all the bathrooms in the building:

Apartment 7

Apartment 8

Apartment 9


Apartment 10

On the left is the living room and on the right is the entrance:

Apartment 15

Living room:

Apartment 11

Apartment 12


Apartment 13

Apartment 14

I believe it`s a little confusing for you to fully understand how the apartment is constructed. This was a very very early stage and I now can say (as we are at the beginning of September) that the apartment is completely finished!! *Hooray* Time to move in!

One more thing… you probably noticed that our new home has no balcony, although we wanted one. Well there`s another solution: Instead of every apartment having its own balcony, they decided to build a shared terrace for the whole building. We like that idea very much because 40% of the people that live there are friends of ours!

Updates on the current stage will follow soon… So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥


At the beginning of August I traveled to Croatia with two of my best friends and my sister. I`ve heard lots of good stuff about that country and I`ve seen so many beautiful pictures of its nature, so that I had big expectations. Usually I get disappointed when I`m too much looking forward to something, but this time it wasn`t like that! I`m absolutely amazed by that country! I love the different blue colors of its waters, I like the totally different landscapes, I`m amazed by the ancient history of its cities… WOW!

Let me take you on the road trip we did…

We landed in Zadar and rented a car from Active Car rental. We were very pleased with their services!

From Zadar we drove upwards to Novalja, a little village near the party beach Zrce. It`s a picturesque village with a beautiful beach, but I only recommend you to go there if you want to do some party, because you won`t get a good night`s sleep! Loud music and party people are everywhere at any time… The Zrce beach itself is a paradise for everyone who loves to party! So go there if it is your thing and if you need some sleep you can go to the Big Yellow Hostel. The owners are very friendly and you will meet lots of people there!


Novalja 1

After 3 days of lying on the beach and partying, we drove back to Zadar to visit that city. And I`m glad we did! Zadar is very small and you don`t need to spend more than one day there, but it has some highlights you should have seen when traveling through Croatia.


Zadar 1

In the center you can find Roman ruins, because 2.000 and a little years back the Romans took their boats to come from Italy over to Croatia and built cities like Zadar and Split. It`s amazing to walk through its streets and see ancient buildings just everywhere! Also the light in this country shines so so bright… It was perfect for taking pictures! (= happy Caroline)

Zadar 12

Zadar 10

Zadar 11

Zadar 7

Zadar 5

Zadar 3

On the left that`s me, always a city guide in my hands while traveling!

Zadar 6

The sea organ certainly is a highlight in Zadar. Maybe you`ve already heard of it! This architectural object was build by the architect Nikola Basic and it plays music because of the waves which enter tubes located underneath a set of large steps. The sounds produced by the organ are somehow magical and it`s so fun to sit on the steps, listening to the sounds of nature! And if someday you will have the chance to sit there yourself, please wait until a boat passes by, because the music will react to it…

Zadar 4

Another fun highlight in this city is located directly besides the sea organ. I`m talking about the “Greeting to the Sun”. It`s a 22m diameter glass circle and underneath the surface are photo-voltage solar modules which save solar energy during the day.

Zadar 2

But the real spectacle you can only see at night, because when the sun goes down the saved solar energy transforms the glass circle in an incredible light show! Tons of people come here to see the sunset and afterwards they dance and chill on the lighted surface. You definitely have to see this with your own eyes!

Zadar 8

Zadar 9

And that`s it for today! Next week I`ll be sharing with you the National Parks we visited. So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥