One minute to midnight by Amy Silver

It`s that time of the year again where I like to read books about Christmas, winter wonderlands, love, friendship and magic!
This book is the perfect holiday reading. It`s the story of two friends who share their New Year`s resolutions every single year just before midnight. Both are inseparable, they`re best friends for life… But what happens if one of them isn`t there anymore to share secrets, stories and wishes?
I love Amy Silver`s spelling style and her stories are always fun to read. The perfect mix of emotions: happiness, sadness, love!

Love, Caroline ♥


Today I`m presenting to you Alyse from AlyseStudios! I`m very proud of having her here on my blog, because she`s an inspiring woman to me!

Here`s the interview I did with her:


Please tell us about yourself!
“I’m an artist and designer of goods for the home. My bliss is found at the worktables in my studio, located in the city of New Orleans. Whether I am designing, painting or building, a day spent making the ideas in my mind come to form is one of the happiest days of my life.”

What are you selling?
“I design and create statement accessories and décor inspired by the art of combining the beautiful and the practical, my eclectic style, and symbols of the natural world.”


Where does this passion come from?
“The passion part is in my DNA. I am ultra competitive and driven to win…even at a resting state. So, there’s this competitive side of me that wants to build businesses. But then there’s this other side that comes alive through the process of taking the ideas out of my mind and bringing them to form. What that looked like before I was building a creative business full time: I was working for a large public accounting firm as a CPA & business consultant to public and large private companies, running marathons, and participating in competitive Crossfit, while spending my free time hand-quilting and painting. Now, I’ve married these two sides of myself through my business, selling goods I’ve designed for the home. However, some days I want to only build businesses regardless of the product, and some days I want to be living barefoot inside a geodesic dome in the desert making music and art all day. Making sure I make space to explore & create is key. Even if the only creating I get to do for the week is creating content for my Instagram.”

What`s your favorite item in your shop?
“My new Mali Frame Collection, with pattern inspired by the African textile tradition of mudcloth, is my favorite product line that I’ve ever offered.”


Find her here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @alysestudios
F A C E B O O K : @AlyseStudios
P I N T E R E S T : AlyseStudios

Thank you so much Alyse for the interview! I wish I had a workspace like yours, it`s truly beautiful and inspiring!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m sharing this shop with you to support the owner.


24 days until Christmas!! *Hoooray*

Time to think about presents for all my loved ones and myself! Yes, I think it is important to think about what would make you happy. Always think about others, but you shouldn`t however forget yourself! As I love to write goals down on paper and to make lists, I certainly also love to write wish lists!

And so here`s mine for this season:

Christmas Wish List 2016.jpg

• This apron  from Marimekko • That gorgeous yellow lamp • A book about weaving • This paper towel holder by HAY • That cute pillow • This conditioner from LUSH • The book Häuser des Jahres 2016 • This pendant lamp by Etsy shop owner Faltblatt

Love, Caroline ♥

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ETSY FINDS 05 : GastonMade.

How about buying all your Christmas gifts on the Internet this year? It`s super comfortable, you can drink a cup of tea and cuddle in your blanket in front of the fireplace… No stress, sounds perfect! And do you know what`s even better? You can find all your gifts on one website: Etsy! I`m sure that each member of your family will be super happy with their present! Plus you did something good by supporting a handmade business… Christmas for everyone!

Today I introduce you to a special shop that makes gorgeous wooden things!

Here`s the interview with the owners of GastonMade:


Please tell us about yourself!
“We are Alex and Emily. We’re originally from Kansas, but have called Texas home for the last six years. We are partners in our business and in life, we’re getting married next June!”

What are you selling?
“We make un-fussy home goods for the modern space. Our aim is to make excellently crafted pieces that are attainable, functional, and beautiful.”

GASTON MADE, Kalan Briggs, 2016-9-8, © Etsy

Where does this passion come from?
“Alex grew up learning the craft of woodworking from his father, and Emily is a designer for Fossil. Last year we rented out a studio space (on Gaston St!) with a group of artist friends as an outlet from our day jobs. Alex set up a small wood shop in the back and re-discovered his love for woodworking. We found that by combining our two creative minds, we could create something really special. We opened our Etsy that May and everything kind of exploded from there!”

What`s your favorite item in your shop? 
“We literally use all of our items in our home everyday, so it’s hard to choose. But we’ll have to go with our Leggy Side Table. It’s illustrated in our logo, and it does a wonderful job of defining our brand. It is a beautiful, extremely functional, affordable piece. Everyone needs a bedside table right? We have one on either side of our bed and they do everything we need them to do without intruding on our space.”


Find them here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @gastonmade

Thank you so much Emily and Alex for showing us your work! I wish you all the best for your wedding, how exciting!

Love, Caroline ♥

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Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m sharing this shop with you to support the owners.


At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.


My cousin published her third cookbook! And this time she collected recipes from our home country, Luxembourg!

Love those Luxembourg cookie cutters my cousin designed for the launch of her new book!

You don`t have an Advent wreath yet? Then maybe this easy DIY is exactly what you`re looking for!

Yes, the US presidential elections affected us all in some way… Loved the idea of writing your emotions down on Post-it notes and share it with the world!

My favorite Pinterest board at the moment.

Good to know! Here`s a list with the best air-cleaning plants for your home!

Looking through Elise`s archives to get inspired for our Christmas card this year.

What a great invention! I would love my Iphone to work like this, then I wouldn`t have to charge it twice a day…

Have you already seen the Facebook page of my shop TheCraftedFun?

Here`s my Christmas wish list from last year. Thinking about doing one this year as well!

Love, Caroline ♥