At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.

August Links

I`ve been sharing these kind of posts for one year now! Find all the link posts here.

Remember those well-known baby photos from the 90s? Here`s how the “babies” look today!

My favorite hashtag  at the moment, because it reminds me of warm summer days spent in the garden.

Would you drive through a floating tunnel?

I`m totally in love with this shop… Can`t decide what to buy!

Fall is just around the corner and I can`t wait to bake more again! Those mini pies are on top of my list!

Those illustrations are so fun! Go have a look!

Do you love birth stories? Yes? Then you have to read this birth story written by Allie Seidel! Amazing!

My favorite Pinterest board!

I`m totally inspired by the project “A Day In The Life” by Ali Edwards thanks to Andrea`s album.

Love, Caroline ♥


Top 5 Regrets

The top 5 regrets of the dying by Bronnie Ware

This is a must read for everyone! Bronnie writes about her experience as a caregiver. She`s met lots of interesting people due to her work. Unfortunately, all those people were dying… In those last days, people think about their life and they realize what has been good and bad about it. Very often they regret something and it kills them (literally) that they didn`t realize these things before. Bronnie has learned lots about life, because of those wonderful people and we can all be happy that she shares her experiences with us! So if you haven`t read that book yet, you definitely should! It will open your eyes and change your life in a positive way… Thank you Bronnie Ware for this amazing book!

Love, Caroline ♥


Yogurt Snack

It`s all about my health this year! That`s partly because of my One Little Word, but also because I have to take care of my food intolerances and sugars. So my snacks have to be sugar free! At the beginning it was very hard to find something to eat… Today I`m happy to say that it gets easier with the time.

Lately I`ve been eating a lot of yogurt with fresh fruits. It`s done in a few minutes, it`s refreshing and it sure is healthier than a finished product!

Here`s how you do it! You need:

  • unsweetened white yogurt (I usually take the one without lactose or soya yogurt)
  • fresh fruits (like raspberries, blueberries or blackberries)

Yogurt Snack 2

Take a cup and add as many yogurt as you want. Then add the fruits.

Yogurt Snack 3

Now you just have to take a spoon and squeeze the fruits. Stir the mixture properly and there you go!

Yogurt Snack 4

Enjoy your snack!

Love, Caroline ♥



Big news first: Pit and I found an apartment and we will move in in early September!!! *Hooray* We`re so excited and I can`t wait to show it to you!

But first I need to share with you the second part of the apartment I lived before. You can see part one (how it looked when we moved in) here. I recommend you to read that post first for the before and after effect! One month ago I moved out and here`s how the rooms looked right before I started packing everything into boxes.

The entry:

Apartment 1

Apartment 2

Apartment 3

The living room:

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6

Apartment 7

My bedroom:

Apartment 8

Apartment 9

Apartment 10

The corridor:

Apartment 11

Apartment 12

The toilet:

Apartment 13

The bathroom:

Apartment 15

Apartment 14

The kitchen:

Apartment 16

Apartment 17

My flatmate`s bedroom:

Apartment 18

Apartment 19

You can see more before and after pictures here. I really loved this apartment! We did our best with the furniture and tried to decorate the walls to make them more friendly. Today, seeing those pictures I have to say that it isn`t totally my style anymore. I`ve been studying architecture now for three years and I`ve got so many inspirations, I think it`s normal that the personal style changes with that!

Let`s see how the new apartment will turn out!

Love, Caroline ♥


Card 14

drinking cocktails.

sunbathing a lot.

feeling extremely happy to be surrounded by all the people I love.

traveling through Croatia.

loving the Croatian sunsets.

showing my home country to my best friend from Vienna.

wearing polka dots and stripes. Always and forever!

wanting to travel more in the next years.

looking forward to move in to the new apartment, because we found one!!! More about this soon!

walking a lot.

celebrating 5 years with Pit.

buying lots of books.

Love, Caroline ♥