It`s October and as I`m writing this, it`s cold, grey and raining outside. So I thought it would be perfect to look through my photos that I took this summer in Croatia. And right I was! These pictures are giving me so much sunshine and I`m already thinking where I want to go next year. Somewhere where the sun is shining, that`s for sure!

But for now, I have to content myself with memories from Croatia! After our stop in Sibenik, we drove to Split. We spent there three nights which was perfect, because you can do so many things there! For example we did some rafting at the Cetina river. I never did that before and was quite nervous about it, but in the end it wasn`t dangerous at all! The Cetina river is a very quiet river and perfect for rafting beginners.



Split was definitely one of my favorite stops! The city center is just amazing! If you`re interested in ancient history or architecture, then Split is a must on your to-do (to-see) list! The Diocletian Palace build by the Roman Emperor Diocletian forms about half the old town and city center of Split. No matter where you go, you are walking on ancient paths. I felt like I was in Disneyland, but the difference was that those walls were real! Such thoughts are overwhelming… at least for me!










Split, as many other cities in Croatia, lies directly by the sea. I love to look through alleys and see the sea at the end. It gives me the feeling of freedom!

I also loved to go for a walk on the seafront. From there you have a wonderful view over the harbor and you can observe the boats that come and go.


Split has a lot of good restaurants. I`m glad we stayed three nights there, but there were many more restaurants I would have loved to try! My favorite one was Bepa!. The design of the location and the food choice were fancy!


From Split you can do lots of boat tours and I definitely recommend to do at least one (unless you`re seasick). We wanted to go to Hvar or Brac, but sadly both tours were canceled because of bad weather conditions… We were very disappointed, but in the end we found another tour, so we could spent a day on a boat anyway!


We went to the Blue Lagoon, which wasn`t as exciting as it sounds! I think there are many places in the world where the sea has different shapes of blue… The Blue Lagoon in Croatia is not an exception!


The boat brought us to an island too. It was called Solta and it was paradisiac! Very quite, not much tourists… idyllic!




Yes these pictures brighten my grey, rainy day! I hope yours one too!

Love, Caroline ♥


Card 14

reading every morning before I`m getting up.

drinking one cup of coffee every day.

celebrating my 23rd birthday!

loving our life of two.

watching “Outlander”.

enjoying every sunbeam I can get.

struggling to combine my work life with university.

opening my shop.

buying lots of Bloomingville dishes.

missing Yoga. I have to get back into the routine…

looking forward to the end of October when my parents will visit me in Vienna.

being in love with our new apartment.

Love, Caroline ♥



And another year has passed by! Today`s my birthday!! *Hoooray*

And to celebrate this with you I want to give you 23% off in my shop! You can use the code TWENTYTHREE until Monday. Let the festivities begin!

Love, Caroline ♥



It`s October, which means… my birthday month is here!! And my big day is in exactly 2 days! Before my birthday I always like to think about the past year… What made this year special? Here are my 22 favorites:

My favorite book was Me before You by Jojo Moyes.

In November my brother and sister celebrated their 18th birthday and I flew back home to surprise them. Their reactions were just unforgettable!

The One Little Word class had a huge impact on my life. I`m so happy that I found it! My word health changed my life in a good way!

I`m very happy that I turned my knitting passion into a business: TheCraftedFun!

My favorite cooking ingredient: feta!

This has been the year of hair changes: my hair has never been so long before and then at the end of summer I decided to cut it short! A hair change is always a good thing!

One of my favorite weekends this year was the one I spent with my family in Mandarfen, Austria. We stayed in this amazing hotel and I hope to go back there soon!

The best thing I bought: wool by WeAreKnitters.

Because of a challenge I set, I ate lots of salads and I learned that you actually can make delicious salads that won`t leave you hungry!

Cinnamon buns are my favorite!

One of my best friends got a proposal! It will be the first wedding for me where two of my best friends get married! Can`t wait for summer 2017!

I loved using my Gettoworkbook. Never been better organized before!

One of the best moments this year was the day I presented my bachelor project. (Remember I`m an architecture student.) I`ve never got so much compliments before in my life! And… Which leads me to the next favorite moment…

… this project got me a job!!! Since September 2016 I`m officially working as an architect!! A childhood dream came true!

I loved watching Downton Abbey!

My favorite project was the “365 – A Picture A Day” Book. I love to look back at all those photos and I`m currently thinking about doing the same thing for 2017 again.

I`m a coffee drinker now!

My favorite perfume was Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf.

I`ve wanted to go to Croatia for a long time and I`m so happy I managed to go there this year.

The beginning of a new chapter definitely started when Pit and I moved in together in September! I`m so grateful for always having him now by my side!

My favorite place to eat was definitely EBI!

And last thing… I loved writing this blog! I loved every single comment and like I got! Thank you so much for following along!

Love, Caroline ♥



I`ve been keeping this a secret for a long time… But now I finally can share the news: I opened a shop!!!


I`ve always been a creative person and I`ve always dreamed of making money by doing the things I love the most. When I was thirteen years old, I loved to paint. I painted so much canvases, that my pocket money wasn`t enough anymore to cover the costs… So I decided to sell my paintings. I went to markets and sold some to friends too. I don`t know when exactly I stopped this “business”, but eventually my painting passion fainted…

Now I`m back with nearly the same story but a different business! About one and a half year ago I learned to knit and very soon I was passionate about it. Imagine, I haven`t put down my needles since February 2015! It became my biggest hobby and after some time I realized that nobody needs 100 scarves, 80 headbands, 60 blankets and so on… It will come with no surprise what idea crossed my head: Opening a shop and selling my knitted goods sounded just perfect to me! And after thinking about it and working on my stocks for some months, I finally opened my very own shop!!

Let me present to you: TheCraftedFun

In this shop you will find wooly goods that make you feel warm and cozy! For now, I`m only selling two types of scarves, BELLA and MARIE, in different pastel colors. Of course there will come much more things!



And the most important at the end: Where can you find me?

S H O P :

I N S T A G R A M : @thecraftedfun


I can`t wait to see where this adventure will take me! As always, thank you very much for your support! Let`s stay warm and cozy this winter!

Love, Caroline ♥