I`ve always loved to read! Sadly nowadays I often don`t have time. When I`m at university, I`m too tired to read in the evenings and during the day I never have time to do anything else than architecture stuff. (I think a lot of you can understand me and have the same problem!) So for the holidays I really look forward to finally read all the books that are on my (long) list.

Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Normally I read romance novels. But when I read the few lines on the back of this book, I really wanted to know the whole story and I thought why don`t I try something new?                                  I`m glad I did! The story was so exciting, I often wasn`t able to put down the book. The best part of it is that the end is totally unpredictable.                                                                                                Watch out it`s not a bedtime story!

Love, Caroline ♥

P.S. On the picture you can see that I read this book in German. I speak four languages (Luxembourgish, French, German & English) and I decide spontaneously in which language I want to read the next book. I have to say, mostly it`s in German, because for me it`s the easiest.



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