And so the adventure begins...

Two months ago I started writing this blog. I`ve been reading blogs for years and I`ve always wanted to start writing my own. This summer I took courage and I realized my dream. I had three months of summer vacation where I could easily write some posts and look if blogging could be my thing. But I set a deadline. After those summer holidays I would have to take a decision: Did I like blogging? Do I really want to continue? Do I have the time to write posts?
Yes! Yes! And maybe… The thing is, I don`t know if I have time for blogging once my university has started and I`m back in my daily routine. But what I know for sure is that those past two months I spent an awesome amount of time creating this blog and I don`t want to give it all up yet. So yeah I will continue writing! I don`t know if it`s three times a week, but hey that`s all right. (I hope you see this as I do ;) )

And so the adventure begins…

On Sunday I will fly back to Vienna and on Thursday I`ll start my third year at university. It`s always hard to say goodbye to my family and friends, but Vienna I really missed you and I can`t wait to see you again!! :)

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog!

Love, Caroline ♥


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