Summer 2015 (1)I`m back in Vienna and this means that the summer or my three months of vacation are definitely over. The temperatures outside are sinking. I drink tea more often again and I wear scarves to protect me from the wind. (It`s always windy in Vienna!) These are all signs that fall is here!Summer 2015 (2)

But I want to take a look back at those warm months to remember them.Summer 2015 (3)

And so from summer 2015 I want to remember…

… the Donauinselfest with all these great acts: Mark Forster, Madcon, Robin Schulz, Andreas Bourani

… picking strawberries for the first time in my life! (And finding out that I`m allergic to those plants.)

… celebrating Pit`s 23rd birthday.

… the heat waves. Even in Luxembourg we had temperatures around 35 degrees!

… celebrating the very last “Haischen” party.

… starting this blog!

… celebrating our 4th year anniversary. (Pit, I love you so much!)

… homemade pesto. I don`t know how often I ate spaghetti pesto this summer!

… going to Amsterdam with my three best friends. (I so hope that we do that again next year!)

… reading many books.

… taking all those long walks alone listening to podcasts (Elise gets crafty) or with my parents and my sister. (My brother doesn`t like taking walks.)

… Pit`s and mine addiction to Ben&Jerry`s ice cream.

… those many days of sunshine! It didn`t rain often and that`s abnormal for Luxembourg!

… the first vacation I took together with my family & Pit.

… knitting squares for my blanket.

… watching Revenge.

… having so many barbecues. (For our circumstances ;) And that`s probably because my father bought a robot that cleans the grill.)

… that every time the door bell rang I had to smile, because I knew that Pit would be there.

… the many evenings we could sit outside on our patio until very late without getting cold.

… that I appreciated having my girlfriends so often around me.

… singing karaoke.

… my 21rst birthday gift from my parents: a trip to Barcelona!

… being sad that this summer is over, but also that I embrace the new season happily.

Love, Caroline ♥


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