At the end of each month, I share some favorite internet finds.


A year ago I visited Iceland and this made me think of the wonderful time I had there! (It`s worth watching the video at the end.)

This is for all the bikers. I could use that when cycling in Vienna.

I need a new phone case and please look at those! I can`t decide which one I should get…

This app was designed to deal with stress and anxiety. Sounds interesting!

I love these unedited pictures about motherhood.

Wow, this house is amazing!

Have you already seen a pink dolphin?

This month I baked some brioche from Mozzer`s finest and it was really delicious!

This is one of my favorite architects! I love all of his work!

Sometimes you`re bored and you don`t know what to do with your time? Here`s what you can do!

Want some more? You find all the August links here.

Love, Caroline ♥


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