21 Favorites

Tomorrow I`m turning twenty-two! (Yeahii) Now I want to share with you 21 things that have made being twenty-one great.

My favorite song was Headlights by Robin Schulz.

Although Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran should definitely be on this list too.

I couldn`t eat enough asparagus!

My favorite perfume was Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

I love that I finally started writing a blog!

My favorite film was About Time.

And my favorite actress as always Rachel McAdams.

My favorite actor is probably still Channing Tatum. (Will that love ever fade?)

One thing I learned this year and turns out to be a new hobby is knitting!

My favorite book was The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman. (More about this book later on.)

During this year, I found this blog, which I now read every single day. (Currently Elise is taking a break because she`s having her second child. I can`t wait to have her back!)

The best thing I bought: a Fitbit Flex.

I LOVED living in Vienna.

My birthday present from my parents: a trip to Barcelona.

And here one thing that should probably not stand on this list, but I write about it anyway, because it occupied me for quite a time, I learned how to cope with stress! I don`t speak of one tiring day, but of at least two months of permanent stress. And this year I learned how to deal with such a situation, which for me is a big win!

My favorite month was August, because of my trip to Amsterdam (part I and part II) and our vacation in Provence with my family and Pit (read about it here and here).

The four-year-age-gap between me and my twin siblings is finally becoming smaller and I really enjoyed that this year!

My favorite series were Private Practice and Revenge.

This year I bought my first succulents! BIG LOVE!

My favorite place to eat was a sushi restaurant in Luxembourg.

A quote that sums up my life at the age of twenty-one: “Do it with passion or not at all

Love, Caroline ♥


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