22nd BirthdayHaaaaappy Birthday to meee!!

I had a wonderful birthday, exactly as I like it!
In the morning, Pit woke me up with the smell of a good chocolate cake! He brought it to my bed and I could blow out the candles. He did that last year too and I could adjust to this tradition. ;)
At noon, my best uni-buddy (she`s studying with me and always calls us like that) surprised me by making a reservation at Mochi, the best sushi restaurant in Vienna! Funny story: Christian Bau`s wife (owner of the third best restaurant in Germany) sat on our table. First we didn`t know who she was and after she wished me a happy birthday and left, the owner of the Mochi came and said: “Well you just got birthday wishes from a prominent! Congratulations!”
In the evening my father arrived from Luxembourg. Coincidentally he had to come to Vienna because of his work and it just happened to be on my birthday! Lucky me! We went to a restaurant called “Motto am Fluss” and  we enjoyed a super good dinner!

I loooove birthdays! There could be two birthdays a year if I had it my way! ;)
Thanks to everybody who made my day!

Love, Caroline ♥


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