In early September I went to Barcelona with my parents. I`ve talked already a little bit about this trip here. Now I want to share some more pictures of this beautiful city.

When you think of Barcelona, what`s on your mind? The beach, the tapas, shopping, nightlife… I`m sure, even if you`ve never been to this city, there`s one thing that everybody associates with Barcelona: the colorful and crazy architecture by Antoni Gaudi!Barcelona 21Barcelona 31Barcelona 30Barcelona 29Barcelona 32These are some impressions of the park Güell. It lies on a hill and from there you have a wonderful view of Barcelona.
In the middle you can see the Sagrada Familia, the world famous church by Gaudi. It`s one of the highest buildings in Barcelona and once it`s finished it will be the highest church of the world.
Barcelona 28Barcelona 25Barcelona 26Barcelona 27

The construction of the Sagrada Familia started in 1882 and hasn`t been finished yet. The end of the construction is scheduled for 2026! But it`s already possible to visit the building, an absolute must! The light in this church is so impressive and I`m sure you`re leaving this building speechlessly. Gaudi must have been a genius!Barcelona 23Barcelona 24You should know, no matter which of Gaudi`s buildings you want to visit, you should always book a ticket on the internet. The waiting lines are enormous and it would be a shame to leave Barcelona without visiting at least one of Gaudi`s masterpieces!

Another architectural masterpiece in Barcelona is the German Pavilion of the world exhibition in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe. I`ve learned a lot about it at university and it was amazing to finally see it in real life. You can see as many pictures of a building as you want, but you really know the building once you`ve been there! So for all the architecture students out there (if you don`t know it already) you must travel, you must see the world and all its different architectures to finally understand architecture. Barcelona 34Barcelona 33Barcelona 35Barcelona 36And here is one final interesting building: the Calatrava Tower by Santiago Calatrava. A sculpture!Barcelona 37As you already know, I love nothing more than good food, it`s balm for the soul! And during this trip, I fell in love with the Spanish cuisine! Tapas, paella, fish… I was in heaven, well let`s say in food heaven!
If you want to do a tapas hopping, then you have to go to the street Carrer de Blai. There are many tapas bars and you can go from bar to bar and taste all the different variations. Don`t forget to drink some sangria, I`ve had the best ones in Barcelona!Barcelona 38Barcelona 39Another restaurant we went to was called Can Ramonet, where we ate a very good paella.
And if you like fish, then you have to go to this restaurant. Even the Spanish king or Shakira went there before! It`s delicious and not too expensive!

That was my trip to Barcelona. This city is amazing and I`m certainly going there once (or twice or more) again!
I`m curious, have you been to Barcelona? What did you like the most? Any cool spots?

Love, Caroline ♥


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