When I was a little girl, I always had an advent calendar filled with chocolates. Truth be told, I didn`t like that chocolate! (It was too sweet, too soft, it didn`t taste like anything…)
Years later, my boyfriend bought me an advent calendar by Lindt filled with chocolate truffles. That one was amazing!
And because I`m a tea lover, my mother gave me tea advent calendars over the past years. I always appreciated that very much!

But this year I`ve got something completely different: an advent calendar book!

Advent Calendar

I think you can guess how it works… Everyday I get to read another Christmas story until finally Christmas Eve is there!
I like this idea so much! It`s the perfect present for all the bookworms out there! There are so many little things that prepare us for Christmas, like baking, listening to Christmas songs, making wish lists, decorating our homes… And reading Christmas stories is one of them too! A very traditional one though, but that`s what I like the most about it!

Unfortunately I couldn`t find a similar book in English. (The one I have is in German.) But none the less, you can take any Christmas book (like this one or this one)  and every evening you read some pages to your children or to yourself. Doesn`t that sound soooo cozy? Oh I just love that holiday! Can`t wait for December to begin! And if you are in the mood for some christmasy atmosphere you can stop by my instagram #carolinesfavoriteholiday!

Love, Caroline ♥


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