At the end of each month I share some things I found on the Internet.


What a beautiful sunset! These pictures are breathtaking!

You want your kids to go on a walk with you, but they don`t want to? Maybe this helps!

How can we make our cities more green? This tower certainly gives an answer to that question! A wonderful project!

And now a little announcement: One of my favorite bloggers got her second baby! Congratulations Elise and welcome to the world little Piper Frances! (Such a cute name!)

What a funny story! Have you a doppelgänger too?

I love this little housing estate, especially the wooden facades of the houses!

Do you fancy apple pie? Here`s a recipe and a really cute video!

Experiencing art by drawing it, a genial idea!

For all the architects and designers out there, we need this!! Don`t you think?

In Mexico, a submerged church resurfaced from the waves!

Love, Caroline ♥



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