If you are a person who likes to-do lists, wants to organize everything right down to the last detail or who has so many ideas in his head and urgently needs to write them down…(Yes I talk about myself here.) Then, I have the perfect companion for you! Let me introduce you to: the Gettoworkbook! It`s a daily planner and goal setting book designed by Elise Blaha Cripe, that helps you organize the events in your life and the ideas in your head. Sounds good? Well then, let`s have a look inside!

Gettoworkbook 1

Gettoworkbook 2

Each month starts with an illustration printed on thicker paper. If you want you can pull it out and hang it on your fridge or you can make a calendar out of it like this.
On the left side, there is the “reflect and goal setting” page. Here you can write about your projects of the past month, which you either completed or are still in progress.

Gettoworkbook 3

Gettoworkbook 4

At the beginning of each month is a calendar page. I never had this in my previous planners and I`m so happy to have it now, because it`s great to have an overview of the whole month!

Gettoworkbook 5

And here is a a little sneak preview of how I use my calendar pages. ( I plan on doing a post about how I use my Gettoworkbook, when I`ll be actually using it.) I ordered these washi tapes. Each color has a different meaning (green is for holidays, purple is for birthdays, red for exams and pink for project deadlines at university). It`s a very simple way to quickly show the important stuff! And I`m sure, I`ll never forget something again!

Gettoworkbook 6

Behind the calendar page are the weekly pages. What I like about these is that you have so many space not only to write down your appointments, but also all the ideas that are flying around your head! On the left is even more space for weekly to-dos.
What I hated about my last planner was that I never found “today”. Every time I opened it, I certainly needed one minute to find the current week. For the Gettoworkbook you can purchase a plastic bookmark, which helps you find “today” within seconds. A big win!!

Gettoworkbook 7

At the end of the month is a page for your projects. You can write down the idea and then split it up into several parts. I think this page will be very useful, because a project is never completed by doing one thing. Normally you have to do several things until the project is finished.

Gettoworkbook 8

The last pages of the Gettoworkbook are there to write down more ideas, to-do lists or projects. You see, there is a lot of space for all the creative stuff in your head!

Gettoworkbook 9

Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner and it surely is a great gift for yourself or someone you know who loves to plan!
You can get more information and purchase this wonderful planner here.

Let`s get to work and make 2016 a very creative, productive year!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m a big fan of this product and that`s why I want to share it with you.



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