MY 2016 GOALS.

Everyone is talking about them and so am I! I love goals! I can`t start a new year without thinking of what I want to do or what I want to change in that coming year. I like to have sort of a guideline that helps me stay focused on the things, that are important to me, during the year.

This year I used a “project breakdown” page of my Gettoworkbook to write my goals down. Like this my goals are always with me and I don`t lose sight of them!

2016 Goals

1) 45 000 steps per week
I`ve got a Fitbit in May 2015 and since then I`ve worn it 24/7. They say you should do 10 000 steps per day, but for me that`s impossible! So I set another goal of 7 000 steps. I didn`t achieve it everyday, but it was more realistic than the 10 000 steps. I realized for me it would be better to set a weekly goal than a daily. So this year I try to hit 45 000 steps per week! (I use this goal tracking sheet by Elise Blaha Cripe to record my progress.)

2) knit 24 squares for the blanket
In February 2015 I learned how to knit by starting  the project of knitting a blanket. Last year I knit about 16 squares. (Not much, I know!) I think 2 squares per month are realistic, so I should be able to knit 24 squares this year! (I hope some day I will finish this project…)

3) read each month an architecture magazine
The last 2 years, I took out a subscription for two architecture magazines (Architektur Aktuell & Häuser). Sadly I never found the time to read them… Truth be told, I don`t know if I read a single one! For this year, I recalled the subscription. It`s time to read the magazines I have at home!

4) read at least 12 books
I know, 12 books are not much… But I love it when my goals are realistic. My favorite part of goal setting is when I can check the goals off! I recently discovered Goodreads to document my reading progress. Have a look! It`s a great site to stay motivated!

5) drinking 1,5 liter per day
(At least!!!) I don`t drink enough and this goal stands on my list year in and year out. I hope the goal tracking sheet by Elise Blaha Cripe will help me stay focused on this issue.

6) going to 12 new restaurants
I have an ongoing list of new restaurants I want to try and I can`t wait to check some off my list!

7) learning how to weave
I found Maryanne Moodie on Etsy and I love her weavings! Now that I follow her on instagram, I`m really inspired to do my own weaving! Let`s see!

8) Art Journal
I`ve been wanting to do an Art Journal for years! But I never had the courage to start… I hope 2016 will be a creative year!

9) take a course
I already can check this goal off my list! But more about this later on…

10) trip to Innsbruck
I`ve lived in Vienna now for two and a half years and I haven`t left the city often enough! Austria is such a beautiful country and I have to see more of it! Let`s start with Innsbruck!

11) back muscle training
As a young girl I had a lot of dorsal pain. I went to a physiotherapist once to twice a week. With the years it got better. But for three months now, the pain is back… I know what the problem is: too much sitting and not enough sports! I`m the only one who can change something about that! So I guess it`s time for me to look after myself and do some back muscle training! (And for this goal too, I keep track of it with the goal tracking sheet.)

And my last goal is all about making pauses, breathing, Yoga and wellness! Life is too short for always being in a rush! I want to take a step back more often and listen to my body.

And that`s it! I hope 2016 will be a good one! And I`m curious… do you have some goals for the new year? I`d love to hear them!

Love, Caroline ♥


14 thoughts on “MY 2016 GOALS.

  1. Janie Kemp says:

    I’m so glad you included your blog address in your comment on this post:
    That is how I followed you here and found your own blog.
    There are several connections between us (knitting, love of Scandinavian design, living in Europe for a time, back muscles, WordPress blogs, and A Word for a Year), so I will look forward to following you to see your great adventures!
    I welcome you to visit my blog any time.
    Janie, aka Isabella


    • Caroline says:

      Oh I’m so happy to hear from you! That’s what I like most about blogging, to meet people that have the same interests. Aren’t we all searching for people that understand us just like we are? :)
      I hope I can give you some inspiration for future projects!
      I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
      xoxo Caroline

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dara says:

    I’ve never heard of that book before, but I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing that! Also, love your goals, I think they’re totally do-able, especially the 12 new restaurants. Just one a month, easy! My boyfriend and I are going to save those for date nights ! Happy New Year!



    • Caroline says:

      Oh yes, the Gettoworkbook is absolutely fantastic! You should get one fast :)
      As I already said, I love realistic goals. In the end, a goal is there to be achieved no? And I love the date night idea! My boyfriend and I have to do more date nights too! (That was on my 2015 goals list and it was a fail… Haha)
      xoxo Caroline

      P.S. You have a lovely blog!


  3. asipofbliss says:

    What a great idea about the weekly step goal! I find it hard to consistently keep my steps up, especially if I am busy with work and can’t leave my computer. I am going to have to steal this idea ;) And your blanket project is so cool. I love that they are small steps that when all put together make up a bigger project! Happy New Year!

    – Jen


    • Caroline says:

      Yes for me the weekly step goal works a lot better than the daily! I`m glad I could help you with this idea :)
      And yeah with my blanket, it`ll take a long time until I`m finished… But as you said, I like the small steps and some day I`ll have a big blanket! Yeah!
      Happy New Year to you too Jen :)


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