Last summer I went to Amsterdam with my three best friends. (You can read all about it here and here.)
Last year I decided to do a photo book of every trip or vacation I`ll do. I always take a lot of pictures and it is too sad to let them get dusty on my computer. Let`s be honest, how many times do you look at your photos that are on your computer? Not often I guess… I can tell you, when there lies a book on your bedside table (it can also stand in a shelf), you`ll probably look more often through your pictures! And the best thing about it: all the memories are right there, you just have to open the book!

Amsterdam Book 1

I`m not the scrapbooking type of person, I prefer digital photo books. I used Blurb to design this book. They have several options how to create a book and I always work with their program called BookWright. They have finished layouts, but you can also create your own ones. It really is so easy! Just choose your layouts, insert your pictures and upload the finished book. That`s it!

Amsterdam Book 2

Amsterdam Book 3

For my vacation or trip books, I always take the 25×20 cm size and I choose the hardcover, because it is more resistant.
I`m always so pleased with the result! The quality of the books is excellent!

Amsterdam Book 4

Amsterdam Book 5

My dream is, that some day I`ll have a shelf that holds all my vacation books! (Like this.) But first I have to travel! And my next trip is only six weeks away! Stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I used the services of Blurb several times and am very pleased with the quality of their products.



  1. montsecastellanos says:

    What a lovely book. That’s a great idea, I’m going to look into doing the same. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. montsecastellanos says:

    There’s also this cool app similar to the one you mentioned called “Chatbooks” and it’s the same idea except it creates a book with your instagram photos, you should look into it it’s kind of cool.


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