Card 16

I`m currently reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth GilbertIt`s about living a creative life without fear. I`m halfway through it and I already notice that it`s changing my life! She says, everyone can be creative. We were born to do something. We were born to work hard. We were born to live our dreams. We were born to be creative!
Don`t be afraid to realize the ideas that are turning around in your head! Write them down, get organized, work hard and love what you do! You`re the only one who can make your life happier and worth living! And don`t say “I can`t do this because of blablabla”. You can!

No one is you and that is your power!

Try to find the time this weekend to sit down and think of what you want to do. I mean with all your heart! What are the ideas and dreams that are flying around in your head? I`m sure there are some and I`m sure that they are ready to be waken! Let them free!

Love, Caroline ♥


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