Card 14

practicing yoga every day, because of the One Little Word February prompt.

watching season 12 of Grey`s Anatomy.

not knowing which show I should watch next. Any suggestions?

feeling relaxed!

listening to the Elise gets crafty podcast while taking my walks.

going to the sauna every Wednesday.

missing my boyfriend. (He`s staying in Vienna during the semester break, while I went home to Luxembourg. We`ve never been separated for such a long time!)

celebrating the carnival season (although I don`t really like it…).

trying a lot of new recipes like these pancake muffins or this cinnamon pear pie.

doing 45000 steps every week! (That`s one of my goals for this year.)

knitting cover for my phone.

planning my trip to Copenhagen. I`m going there at the end of this month!!

Love, Caroline ♥


4 thoughts on “FEBRUARY : CURRENTLY.

  1. kristennegrotti says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Elise Gets Crafty! I’m loving her podcast! And you inspired me to start knitting my own blanket. I’m participating in a knit along, which is really fun but also much too fast for my novice fingers!



    • Caroline says:

      Oh I`m so happy to hear that you love the Elise gets crafty podcast as much as I do! And don`t quit on the knitting because this course is too fast for you! It`ll take an eternity until I finish my blanket, but I`m having so much fun and that is essential no?:)
      xx Caroline


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