At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.


Ever wondered how Karl Lagerfeld`s home looks like? I`d never have imagined that it looks like that!

This was my favorite hashtag on Instagram this month.

Even a small house can have enough space for everyone who lives in it!

Have you already heard of the one second a day video app? I love the idea behind it!

These cabins are especially designed for creative people to help them fight writer`s blocks.

This is real comfort food! I haven`t tried the recipe yet, but I think it`s going to be a favorite one!

Ever dreamed of running a bookshop in an idyllic village? Here your dream will come true!!

Totally going to weave now that I found this great weaving tutorial!

There are new products for the Gettoworkbook available! Purchase them here.

Every new country we visit, my mum takes pictures of front doors. Apparently she`s not the only one who does that!

Love, Caroline ♥


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