Card 18

Are you feeling the same? There are so many projects in my head and my days don`t have enough hours!
I think it`s because of the Spring… Slowly it`s getting (a little bit) warmer outside, we`re seeing the sun more often and I just can`t wait for the lighter months too begin!
It`s that time of the year where I feel most creative. Surely I can`t realize all those plans right away and that`s why I write everything down what`s on my mind. It`s the best way to deal with that creative phase, because we all know it won`t last forever!
And until then, I`ll have enough projects to work on!

I wish you a very productive & recreative weekend!

Love, Caroline ♥

P.S. Let`s share the Spring feeling with #fortheloveofspring2016 on Instagram!



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