Card 18

And there we are! Another week is over and for me this means that *hooray* the Easter break is here!

Yes it`s unbelievable, after having just three weeks of university, there are already holidays… This is because of Easter being so early this year. I have to say that I don`t like this at all, because I`m still full of energy and don`t need holidays right now. (Am I really so crazy to say that I don`t need holidays? Who doesn`t need holidays?? Don`t mind me!) But I should enjoy these two weeks off, because after that there won`t be a week off in three months! So I don`t want to complain right now!

I`m looking forward now to a super cool weekend: today we`re celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends, tomorrow I`m going to a concert (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) and on Sunday I`m flying back home!

I wish you a lovely weekend. Thanks for reading and following along!

Love, Caroline ♥


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