Spring is here!
Not only the calendar is telling it, but the weather outside is just wonderful! At least here in Vienna we are all enjoying the sun and warm temperatures.
I`m a lover of every season. What I love most about this one is that the days are finally getting longer, we are seeing the sun more often, nature is blooming, temperatures are rising and people are slowly coming out of their houses.
Hello Spring, I love you!

And here are some things I currently would love to have!

Spring Wish List

This book by Maryanne Moodie isn`t available until October, but it`s definitely on top of my wish list • I have always dry lips and maybe this balm could help me with that • I love the color of this wool • Summer dreams are coming true with that coconut oil for the body • This iron is supposed to make beautiful waves • I`ve never tried dry shampoo before, but maybe I`ll give it a try with this one • One of my favorite internet shops has reopened and I love the new stamp collection
•  That jumpsuit looks awesome 

Love, Caroline ♥


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