I only recently discovered Netflix. I knew that it existed for quite some time, but I never thought about making a subscription.
Then one day my boyfriend said that he absolutely loves Netflix. He began to watch all his series on their website and in the evenings we sometimes watched a movie.
I don`t watch many movies, because I only have a few dvds and I love watching series much more. But now, with Netflix, there`s such a big variety of movies, I can`t even decide what to watch next!
My favorite plans for a cozy evening are now to grab a bowl of popcorn, turning on Netflix and making myself comfortable at the couch!

Here are some movies I recently watched!

• Aloha


My favorite actress, Rachel McAdams, plays in this film, so naturally I loved it. The story is about a soldier that meets his early love, but at the same time he`s falling in love with another woman. Question is who does he really want to be with?
It`s a very sweet movie.


Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

I didn`t know that this movie is based on a novel. If I knew it before, I would have read the book first… It`s a very funny story between two best friends who want the same guy, but only one of them gets him. How does this affect a friendship?


Love Happens

Love Happens

His wife died some time ago and he doesn`t really know how to live without her… He tells everyone to accept death, but doesn`t know how to accept it for himself. But then he meets Eloise and it seems to be the perfect time!


Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This is one of my favorite movies. It`s just sooo funny! And yeah who doesn`t like Ryan Gosling?
You have to watch it for yourself!


Love is All You Need

Love is all you need

If you like Italy, then you`ll like this film. It brings the Italian summer feeling right into your living room!
Ida has cancer and her husband doesn`t support her. She doesn`t want to live her normal life anymore, but running away isn`t so easy. Until her daughter`s wedding, when she meets Philip…


A lot like Love

A lot like Love

Two strangers make a deal to call each other in five years to see if their dreams have come true. But then they seem to bump into each other every now and then and so they are becoming friends…


These are the perfect films for a girls night, so make sure to remember them next time your friends are coming over!

Love, Caroline ♥

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