Probably all of us have already had thoughts like that. Is now a good time to quit my job? When should we get married? When is the right time to get children? Is now a good time to travel the world? When should we buy a house?

For quite some time now there has been one particular question on my mind… Is now the right time to move in with my boyfriend? And some thoughts later, I asked myself if the “right time” exists at all!

Moving In

This summer, we will celebrate our fifth anniversary, so we have been together now for quite some time. A year ago Pit asked me if we should move in together. At first I was like “Whaaaat?”. It sounded to me like “Will you marry me?”. Ok not exactly but come on that question made our relationship more serious. (Not that it hasn`t been serious before!) But then, the more I thought about it, the more I liked this idea and thought “Why not?!”.
We`re both studying in Vienna and living with a roommate. Mine is finishing her studies this summer, so Pit and I thought that it would be good to wait a year, until she`s finished and I would have to change my current living situation anyway.

And now the time has come… Only two more months and my roommate and I will move out of our current apartment!
I have to say, I`m glad that Pit and I waited a year until we actually suit the action to the word. We had lots of time to talk about what we want and how we imagine living together. It feels good not to rush into something we haven`t thought enough about.

I still don`t know if it is the right time now, but as I said already, is there a right time at all? I think there is not one right time, but there are more right times! Two years ago, it would have been too early to move in together. Last year would have been the right time, as well as now, but probably also next year! And then there is another aspect too, everyone is different and everyone has his own needs. We will move in after being together for five years, but there are people who do the same after knowing eachother for six months or less. It`s all fine when it works for YOU!

I`m excited for what the future holds! And now I`m off looking for a new apartment… OUR HOME!

Love, Caroline ♥



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