Card 18

Ok here we go!

I`m in my sixth semester at university (third year) which means I`m currently doing my bachelor.
This semester hasn`t been hard yet. Of course I had to work, but as an architecture student I`m used to having no life at all while I`m at university. This time around it has been different. I know it`s strange, because I`m in the middle of my bachelor thesis! But what can I say? I had no stress at all in the last months!

But now we`re in for the last weeks of this semester, which means: exams & deadlines for the projects! So yeah hello stress, hello student life, hello books, hello computer… You`ll be keeping me some company in the next few weeks (six to be precisely)! Let`s start this weekend, because on Monday I have an exam and on Wednesday I have a presentation of my bachelor project!

Need some motivation right now? Then tell you this: Actually, I can!

Love, Caroline ♥


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