Card 18


An architect`s (or architecture student`s) life in three words: EAT, SLEEP, CREATE

It sounds amazing! And it is! Don`t get me wrong! But there are times, where it gets all stressful. I can only talk about the studies, because I haven`t had the chance to work in an office yet. And June is always such a time! It`s the last month before the summer holidays, which means, exams and deadlines for the projects. I`m doing my bachelor this semester and apart from doing a project, I also have to write a bachelor thesis. It`s very hard to work inside, when outside the weather is just so beautiful… (I wish I had at least a balcony!) And so from now on I`m counting down the weeks until my summer holidays begin! Only three to go! Three weeks, in which every day looks like this: EAT, SLEEP, CREATE

Yes, only three weeks… I`m sure time will fly by as always!

Love, Caroline ♥




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