Me before you

Me before you by Jojo Moyes

First of all, you probably know this book and at least you`ve heard of it. If you haven`t read it, then you absolutely should! I think it`s the most beautiful love story I`ve ever read. But it`s not only the story that appealed to me, it`s mainly about how it`s written. The characters are so well described that you can actually see them. Sometimes I laughed out loud or I began to cry… Reading this book was like watching a film! Speaking of, this book was filmed and the movie will be in the cinemas this summer!! So hurry up if you haven`t read the book! And for all of you who haven`t, here`s a sneak peek of the story. Louisa is unemployed, until she finds a job as a caretaker. The patient, Will, is paraplegic. She never did something like that before and the patient doesn`t make it easy for her, but she doesn`t give up. And she won`t regret it, because Will shows her how different life can be as she`s used to…

Love, Caroline ♥


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