Card 18

I`m telling myself this so often lately!

I have a lot going on for university (as you probably already noticed the last few weeks). And I realized that I`m much less stressed when I do some things during the day that make me happy! This doesn`t have to be big things, as I don`t have the time to do them anyway… I`m talking about the small things. It`s so important to know which little details of your daily life make you happy.

For me, a day starts good when I`m able to read a chapter in the book that`s currently lying on my bedside table and the best end of a day is exactly the same! During the day it`s so important to take little breaks from your work and fill that time with something you love. For example, I like to knit, watch a series (New Girl is currently my favorite, because it lasts only 25 minutes! Perfect break time!), eat a good meal ( food always makes me happy!) and when I need to let go of some stress, I turn the music louder and just dance it off! After doing those things, I just feel much more relaxed and can go on with what ever I have to do, a smile on my face!

What things make you happy during the day? I hope you`re going to take some time this weekend to do them!

Have a nice weekend!

Love, Caroline ♥


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