As you may know, this summer, there will be a slightly big change in my life. I will be moving in with my boyfriend! This means, that I have to leave behind my current apartment… And the end is near! Only three more weeks and I`ll be handing over the keys!

Today I want to share with you the story of my very first apartment! Three years ago, I finished school and moved to Vienna to go to university. A friend, that I knew from my dancing classes in Luxembourg, wanted to go to Vienna too and so we decided to move in together. She went to Vienna with her mum to look for an apartment. I don`t remember how many days they were looking for one, I just remember after every visit Marie wrote me a message saying “It`s not the one!”. On her last day, she had one more visit. I was already sure that I had to go to Vienna myself to look for an apartment. BUT a miracle happened and after her very last visit she wrote me “It`s the one!”.

She sent me the following pictures, asking me if I liked the apartment as much as she did and if she should sign the papers.

Apartment 10

It`s a typical Wilhelminian style building as you can find hundreds in Vienna!

Apartment 1

Apartment 9

This is the vestibule. From here, you can see the living room and behind that is my bedroom.

Apartment 2

This is the living room.

Apartment 8

That`s my bedroom.

Apartment 4

Apartment 7

Apartment 6

Apartment 5

Apartment 3

And that`s Marie`s bedroom.

I draw a floor plan so it`s easier to understand the composition of the apartment:

Floor Plan

When I saw these pictures, I knew too that this would be THE APARTMENT! Moving away from home for the first time, to a city I`ve never been before, that was a big deal for me and I knew that I would feel right at home in this apartment! So three years ago we signed the papers and moved in.

Three years later, after tons of new memories, Marie finishes her bachelor and moves back home to Luxembourg. Of course Pit could move in in her place, but we want to start this adventure in a new home. A place that will be OUR PLACE! So I`ll be leaving behind this apartment too… It`s difficult, but I`m also excited for the next adventure!

Of course I`ll also share with you the apartment how it looks now! So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥



  1. trixi says:

    Eine wirklich wunderschöne Wohnung habt Ihr euch da ausgesucht – typisch Wien eben! Ich wünsche Euch beiden ganz viel Glück in der neuen Bleibe und viel Spaß in der ersten gemeinsamen Wohnung!

    Genießt es!
    Alles Liebe,


    • Caroline says:

      Liebe Trixi! Vielen Dank für deine netten Worte!
      Ja die Altbau Wohnungen in Wien sind einfach ein Traum… Ich bin schon ganz gespannt wie die neue Wohnung ausschauen wird und ob es ein Altbau oder Neubau werden wird!
      Liebe Grüße, Caroline


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