At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.

June Links

I loved this post about having two kids under two. Really worth reading! (Sadly it`s only written in German.)

Looking for inspiration on Pinterest. Can`t wait to decorate the new apartment!

My dad recently invented a new product. I would be thrilled if you could support him! You can find out more about the product and support him financially here. You can also support him per Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr on this site. Just click on the support buttons! Thank you so much!!

Love these color combinations!

July is nearly here, so it`s time to grab a Gettoworkbook, if you haven`t got one yet! You can purchase it here.

I like white wine, but I hate red wine! Maybe this blue wine will be a new favorite!!

Here you can see some before and after pictures of my apartment I`m currently living in. Only two more weeks and I have to give the keys away…

What a cool house!

Haha what a funny photo series!

Have you tried these cookies? If you haven`t, you should!

Love, Caroline ♥


4 thoughts on “JUNE LINKS.

  1. Rebecca says:

    I am so impressed with your dad’s invention, I spent a good time studying how it worked and reading everything he posted about it! BTW, you did a marvelous job at transforming your apartment! It looks great!

    xx | http://www.recavi.com


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