Some of you may have wondered what I`ve been up to and why there are no new posts appearing. Well I had lots to do and I underestimated the effort of a move!

But I`m back! And I can`t wait to fill this blog with new content.

For now I want to give you a little update on my life. On the first of July I handed in my bachelor project and I got an excellent on it! I was over the moon as you can imagine! The hard work was rewarded!


Last weekend I finally moved out of my apartment. I had three days to pack all my stuff. At first I thought that it would be done in one or two days. But I really needed those three days to pack everything into boxes. On Sunday we moved Pit`s things and mine into a garage. They will be stored there until September, because we are in Luxembourg for the whole summer. We don`t have a new apartment yet, otherwise we could have moved in there immediately. To move everything was very stressful. It`s incredible how many things we accumulated over the last three years! So I was very happy when it was all done!



On Monday then, we said goodbye to Vienna (for the next two months) and took the bus home. I haven`t been in Luxembourg for the last 4 months. It feels great to be home again and I can`t wait to let all the stress behind me and enjoy my holidays!

Love, Caroline ♥


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