Yesterday Pit and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. On the first of August 2011 he asked me if I wanted to be with him. I said yes and it was the best decision I`ve ever made! No matter what, I always want to remember that he taught me so much about life, he showed me different facings of myself I didn`t know they would exist, because of him I know what it means to love someone to the moon and back… In one sentence, he made a better person out of me!

1. August

Here`s the story how we met:

I`m a perfectionist. I think I was born that way! Everything in my life is planned in advance (as far as possible). Of course you can`t plan when, where and with whom you`re falling in love. And for me it took some time until I found it…

The funny thing is, that the one time I wasn`t perfect at all, love happened to me! I was seventeen and went out with my girls. We spent a funny evening with one or two drinks too much and when it was time to go home, everybody was in the bus, except for one… Me! I was still talking to friends, enjoying the evening and had totally forgotten the time! This NEVER happened to me before (and after). But it happened that day and when I realized that the bus and all my girls were gone, I panicked!

The girls called me and asked where I`ve been. They thought I would be sitting in the back of the bus, that`s why they weren`t looking for me right away. And when the bus was driving they realized that I wasn`t there at all. The bus couldn`t come back and I was afraid of calling my parents in the middle of the night. (Now five years later, I know that it wouldn`t have been a problem to call them, but I`m still glad I didn`t, because…)

I began to cry. The few people I knew who were still at the party had some drinks and couldn`t drive me home. It was the end of the world for me! I didn`t know how to cope with mistakes… (I know this is sooo silly, but it was exactly like that. I learned so much in those past five years.) I was drenched in tears, when a boy came to me and asked what happened. I knew him by sight, so I trusted him and told him the story. He laughed and said that he could help me. He was there by car and offered to bring me home.

And just like that, Pit helped me in a very dark moment (I`m laughing out loud as I`m writing this) of my life… He was my hero! And only two months after that night, we decided to go together through life as long as possible.

That`s how I found love! He`s my first boyfriend and I hope he will be the last one as well, but that`s still written in the stars…

I`m so grateful for every moment with you Pit! Here`s to the next 5, 10, 50, 100 years! I love you!

Love, Caroline ♥


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