Big news first: Pit and I found an apartment and we will move in in early September!!! *Hooray* We`re so excited and I can`t wait to show it to you!

But first I need to share with you the second part of the apartment I lived before. You can see part one (how it looked when we moved in) here. I recommend you to read that post first for the before and after effect! One month ago I moved out and here`s how the rooms looked right before I started packing everything into boxes.

The entry:

Apartment 1

Apartment 2

Apartment 3

The living room:

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6

Apartment 7

My bedroom:

Apartment 8

Apartment 9

Apartment 10

The corridor:

Apartment 11

Apartment 12

The toilet:

Apartment 13

The bathroom:

Apartment 15

Apartment 14

The kitchen:

Apartment 16

Apartment 17

My flatmate`s bedroom:

Apartment 18

Apartment 19

You can see more before and after pictures here. I really loved this apartment! We did our best with the furniture and tried to decorate the walls to make them more friendly. Today, seeing those pictures I have to say that it isn`t totally my style anymore. I`ve been studying architecture now for three years and I`ve got so many inspirations, I think it`s normal that the personal style changes with that!

Let`s see how the new apartment will turn out!

Love, Caroline ♥



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