At the beginning of August I traveled to Croatia with two of my best friends and my sister. I`ve heard lots of good stuff about that country and I`ve seen so many beautiful pictures of its nature, so that I had big expectations. Usually I get disappointed when I`m too much looking forward to something, but this time it wasn`t like that! I`m absolutely amazed by that country! I love the different blue colors of its waters, I like the totally different landscapes, I`m amazed by the ancient history of its cities… WOW!

Let me take you on the road trip we did…

We landed in Zadar and rented a car from Active Car rental. We were very pleased with their services!

From Zadar we drove upwards to Novalja, a little village near the party beach Zrce. It`s a picturesque village with a beautiful beach, but I only recommend you to go there if you want to do some party, because you won`t get a good night`s sleep! Loud music and party people are everywhere at any time… The Zrce beach itself is a paradise for everyone who loves to party! So go there if it is your thing and if you need some sleep you can go to the Big Yellow Hostel. The owners are very friendly and you will meet lots of people there!


Novalja 1

After 3 days of lying on the beach and partying, we drove back to Zadar to visit that city. And I`m glad we did! Zadar is very small and you don`t need to spend more than one day there, but it has some highlights you should have seen when traveling through Croatia.


Zadar 1

In the center you can find Roman ruins, because 2.000 and a little years back the Romans took their boats to come from Italy over to Croatia and built cities like Zadar and Split. It`s amazing to walk through its streets and see ancient buildings just everywhere! Also the light in this country shines so so bright… It was perfect for taking pictures! (= happy Caroline)

Zadar 12

Zadar 10

Zadar 11

Zadar 7

Zadar 5

Zadar 3

On the left that`s me, always a city guide in my hands while traveling!

Zadar 6

The sea organ certainly is a highlight in Zadar. Maybe you`ve already heard of it! This architectural object was build by the architect Nikola Basic and it plays music because of the waves which enter tubes located underneath a set of large steps. The sounds produced by the organ are somehow magical and it`s so fun to sit on the steps, listening to the sounds of nature! And if someday you will have the chance to sit there yourself, please wait until a boat passes by, because the music will react to it…

Zadar 4

Another fun highlight in this city is located directly besides the sea organ. I`m talking about the “Greeting to the Sun”. It`s a 22m diameter glass circle and underneath the surface are photo-voltage solar modules which save solar energy during the day.

Zadar 2

But the real spectacle you can only see at night, because when the sun goes down the saved solar energy transforms the glass circle in an incredible light show! Tons of people come here to see the sunset and afterwards they dance and chill on the lighted surface. You definitely have to see this with your own eyes!

Zadar 8

Zadar 9

And that`s it for today! Next week I`ll be sharing with you the National Parks we visited. So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥



  1. Svenja says:

    Ohh, these photos are amazing! I’ve already seen so many beautiful photos from Croatia this summer, I guess I definitely have to go there soon :)
    Svenja from


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