Ok when you see the pictures of the apartment Pit and I chose, you probably won`t understand why it was love at first sight! But first things first!

A while ago Pit and I decided to move in together. We immediately started looking for apartments on the internet and we noticed quickly that it would be difficult to find something that suits all our expectations…
We wanted to have a separate room that works as an office, we wanted a balcony, the apartment should be big enough that all our current belongings would find a place in it, the apartment should be situated well and most importantly it should cost less than our previous apartments. High expectations… I know!

But lucky us, all our problems were solved in just a few minutes… The only thing I had to do was talking to my best friend! I told her that we were looking for an apartment and she said she already knew a solution: In the building where she`s living there`s an apartment that`s getting renovated and when everything would go as they planned they would finish it at the beginning of September!

We discussed the details and it all just sounded perfect! Pit and I were thrilled! Only, we hadn`t seen the apartment yet… But at the beginning of June, we finally could go inside! And the following pictures will show you how it looked right then!

Here`s the floor plan for better orientation:



Apartment 1

Apartment 2


View from the bedroom into the vestibule:

Apartment 3

On the left there will be the toilet and on the right will be the bathroom:

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6


Our apartment is on the first floor. That`s why we can step outside into the halation that serves as a source of light and air for all the bathrooms in the building:

Apartment 7

Apartment 8

Apartment 9


Apartment 10

On the left is the living room and on the right is the entrance:

Apartment 15

Living room:

Apartment 11

Apartment 12


Apartment 13

Apartment 14

I believe it`s a little confusing for you to fully understand how the apartment is constructed. This was a very very early stage and I now can say (as we are at the beginning of September) that the apartment is completely finished!! *Hooray* Time to move in!

One more thing… you probably noticed that our new home has no balcony, although we wanted one. Well there`s another solution: Instead of every apartment having its own balcony, they decided to build a shared terrace for the whole building. We like that idea very much because 40% of the people that live there are friends of ours!

Updates on the current stage will follow soon… So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥



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