I`ve been keeping this a secret for a long time… But now I finally can share the news: I opened a shop!!!


I`ve always been a creative person and I`ve always dreamed of making money by doing the things I love the most. When I was thirteen years old, I loved to paint. I painted so much canvases, that my pocket money wasn`t enough anymore to cover the costs… So I decided to sell my paintings. I went to markets and sold some to friends too. I don`t know when exactly I stopped this “business”, but eventually my painting passion fainted…

Now I`m back with nearly the same story but a different business! About one and a half year ago I learned to knit and very soon I was passionate about it. Imagine, I haven`t put down my needles since February 2015! It became my biggest hobby and after some time I realized that nobody needs 100 scarves, 80 headbands, 60 blankets and so on… It will come with no surprise what idea crossed my head: Opening a shop and selling my knitted goods sounded just perfect to me! And after thinking about it and working on my stocks for some months, I finally opened my very own shop!!

Let me present to you: TheCraftedFun

In this shop you will find wooly goods that make you feel warm and cozy! For now, I`m only selling two types of scarves, BELLA and MARIE, in different pastel colors. Of course there will come much more things!



And the most important at the end: Where can you find me?

S H O P :

I N S T A G R A M : @thecraftedfun


I can`t wait to see where this adventure will take me! As always, thank you very much for your support! Let`s stay warm and cozy this winter!

Love, Caroline ♥


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