It`s October, which means… my birthday month is here!! And my big day is in exactly 2 days! Before my birthday I always like to think about the past year… What made this year special? Here are my 22 favorites:

My favorite book was Me before You by Jojo Moyes.

In November my brother and sister celebrated their 18th birthday and I flew back home to surprise them. Their reactions were just unforgettable!

The One Little Word class had a huge impact on my life. I`m so happy that I found it! My word health changed my life in a good way!

I`m very happy that I turned my knitting passion into a business: TheCraftedFun!

My favorite cooking ingredient: feta!

This has been the year of hair changes: my hair has never been so long before and then at the end of summer I decided to cut it short! A hair change is always a good thing!

One of my favorite weekends this year was the one I spent with my family in Mandarfen, Austria. We stayed in this amazing hotel and I hope to go back there soon!

The best thing I bought: wool by WeAreKnitters.

Because of a challenge I set, I ate lots of salads and I learned that you actually can make delicious salads that won`t leave you hungry!

Cinnamon buns are my favorite!

One of my best friends got a proposal! It will be the first wedding for me where two of my best friends get married! Can`t wait for summer 2017!

I loved using my Gettoworkbook. Never been better organized before!

One of the best moments this year was the day I presented my bachelor project. (Remember I`m an architecture student.) I`ve never got so much compliments before in my life! And… Which leads me to the next favorite moment…

… this project got me a job!!! Since September 2016 I`m officially working as an architect!! A childhood dream came true!

I loved watching Downton Abbey!

My favorite project was the “365 – A Picture A Day” Book. I love to look back at all those photos and I`m currently thinking about doing the same thing for 2017 again.

I`m a coffee drinker now!

My favorite perfume was Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf.

I`ve wanted to go to Croatia for a long time and I`m so happy I managed to go there this year.

The beginning of a new chapter definitely started when Pit and I moved in together in September! I`m so grateful for always having him now by my side!

My favorite place to eat was definitely EBI!

And last thing… I loved writing this blog! I loved every single comment and like I got! Thank you so much for following along!

Love, Caroline ♥



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