The little book by Selden Edwards

This book is a declaration of love to Vienna. I`ve been living in Vienna now for three years and I`m amazed by its beauty! This city has so much history and by walking through its alleys, I`m always imagining how people lived here hundred years ago. Selden Edwards managed to reconstruct the Vienna of the 1890s perfectly! The main character of the book lives in the 20th century, but something happened and then suddenly he finds himself in 1897 Vienna, an extremely exciting period! He meets people like Sigmund Freud or Gustav Mahler, he goes to the opera and spends many hours in the Cafe Central. With his knowledge of the future, he could change history completely! But could he actually change something, like preventing World War II, or does life happen like it`s supposed to?

A very good book!

Love, Caroline ♥


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