Only 5 weeks until Christmas! Are you already in a Christmas mood? I am! Most Christmas markets in Vienna are opening this week and I can`t wait to visit them!

This week I found an amazingly talented woman on Etsy. She does such beautiful work! I`m sure you`ll find something for Christmas in her shop and your family or friends will be thrilled!

Here`s the interview with the owner of the shop Weavingmystory:


Please tell us about yourself!
“My name is Anna and I create woven wall hangings out at my home studio in Warsaw, Poland. My boyfriend and I have one furry child, a ginger cat named „Ginger Cookie” :)
Before I discovered the art of tapestry weaving I had worked in advertising for almost 10 years. I am vegetarian and I love to cook. I also love traveling, meeting new people and their culture. I’m passionate about interior decor and design.”

What are you selling?
“I sell hand woven wall hangings in all different styles and sizes. Each piece is unique and carefully handwoven on a frame or lap loom. I use a variety of weaving techniques and materials including wool, cotton, merino roving, silk, hand spun yarn and other fibers. 
My style has evolved organically through experimenting with different textures and patterns. I am constantly trying new things to keep my work interesting and to challenge myself creatively.
The sources of inspiration are endless – that`s what makes what I do so exciting!
It’s a very long process to make the piece but there is no better feeling than producing a piece of artwork that you have truly made by hand.”


Where does this passion come from?
“I was at a point where I was feeling really overwhelmed by consumerism and the fast pace of my life. I left my full time job and needed to slow down. I thought a lot about appreciating the small things and figuring out how to make life simpler. Having a lot of time for myself I decided to refresh our apartment. While I was looking for some inspirations and unique decors on the blogs, I found few amazing weavings and was totally fascinated by woven wall art.
And as things do in situations like this, weaves started popping up in my life all the time. It was something I thought about all the time. Then my mum told me that she has the old loom bought for me when I was young. When I received it and tried out weaving, something just clicked inside me, and I wanted to learn more and make more and more. It was so exciting and I became hooked to this beautiful traditional craft.
I shared my first pieces with my friends and received great feedback, which was validating. So I kept making more and it wasn’t long until I found my walls becoming embarrassingly full of my creations. Soon after I created Weavingmystory and opened an Etsy shop in February 2016.”

What`s your favorite item in your shop?
“I’ve had a lot of favorite pieces that have since been adopted to new homes, which is always exciting. I really like my last two pieces. The first one I call „Mr. Big” as it’s a large one and a lot of work and love went into this piece. I love the delicacy of cascading fringing combined with thick wool loops. All these textures making it visually interesting.
The second favorite is „Calming Beauty”, a lovely soft pink, smoke grey and white wall hanging full of textures, muted colors and exquisite yarn. I started weaving it without any idea in my mind (when approaching a new piece, I usually have a loose design concept — like color or shape or skill — at the beginning.) This time I allowed this beautiful fibers to dictate the design.”


You can find her here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @weavingmystory

Thank you so much for the interview Anna! Your story is very inspiring! I always love to hear why people opened a shop. I wish you lots of luck for the future!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m sharing this shop with you to support the owner.


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