I wouldn`t be a good business owner if I didn`t mention my own Etsy shop here on the blog in my Christmas special! So if you haven`t heard of it yet, at the beginning of October I opened a handmade business called TheCraftedFun.

Today I`m answering my own questions (a little awkward) that all the other shop owners answered as well:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself!
“Most of you know me already, but there are probably some who don`t… So my name is Caroline. I`m from Luxembourg and three years ago I moved to Vienna to study architecture, my dream job since forever! Two months ago I started working in an architecture office and along the way I`m still studying. If you want to know more about me then click here.”


What are you selling?
“I`m selling wooly goods that make you feel warm and cozy! I`m talking about scarves, headbands and soon blankets! Everything is made out of 100% Peruvian wool and it`s just so soft and chunky! Perfect for the fall and winter months!”

Where does this passion come from?
“My passion for knitting is relatively new, it all began in February 2015. Other than most of the knitters, it was not my grandmother who told me how to knit. All my knitting skills are self-taught. Why I started knitting? Truth be told, I don`t know it anymore! I`ve always been a creative person. I paint, I tinker, I play the piano… I just can`t sit still and do nothing! So one day I wanted to try something new and bought some needles and wool plus a knitting book… and a passion was born!”


What`s your favorite item in your shop?
“Ok now I know why all the other owners said this would be a tough question! You just love every single piece in your shop… That`s because you`re selling it, you think that there are other people out there you can make happy with it. But I still have one favorite piece and that`s the BELLA Infinity Scarf in Pearl Grey. First, it`s my absolute favorite color and second, I love that big chunky scarf that keeps me warm even during snow storms!”


You can find me here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @thecraftedfun
F A C E B O O K : @thecraftedfun

If you want to surprise your loved ones for Christmas with a gift from my shop, then please check these dates:

  • Order before the 9th of December so that your orders will be on time for Christmas!
  • My shop will close on the 9th of December, because I will be spending Christmas at home in Luxembourg.
  • My shop will reopen on the 28th of December!

Thank you for your support! Happy Christmas time!

Love, Caroline ♥

P.S. Get a follower of my Instagram account and you`ll be welcomed with 20% off your first order!! 


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