At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.


My cousin published her third cookbook! And this time she collected recipes from our home country, Luxembourg!

Love those Luxembourg cookie cutters my cousin designed for the launch of her new book!

You don`t have an Advent wreath yet? Then maybe this easy DIY is exactly what you`re looking for!

Yes, the US presidential elections affected us all in some way… Loved the idea of writing your emotions down on Post-it notes and share it with the world!

My favorite Pinterest board at the moment.

Good to know! Here`s a list with the best air-cleaning plants for your home!

Looking through Elise`s archives to get inspired for our Christmas card this year.

What a great invention! I would love my Iphone to work like this, then I wouldn`t have to charge it twice a day…

Have you already seen the Facebook page of my shop TheCraftedFun?

Here`s my Christmas wish list from last year. Thinking about doing one this year as well!

Love, Caroline ♥


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