Today I`m presenting to you Alyse from AlyseStudios! I`m very proud of having her here on my blog, because she`s an inspiring woman to me!

Here`s the interview I did with her:


Please tell us about yourself!
“I’m an artist and designer of goods for the home. My bliss is found at the worktables in my studio, located in the city of New Orleans. Whether I am designing, painting or building, a day spent making the ideas in my mind come to form is one of the happiest days of my life.”

What are you selling?
“I design and create statement accessories and décor inspired by the art of combining the beautiful and the practical, my eclectic style, and symbols of the natural world.”


Where does this passion come from?
“The passion part is in my DNA. I am ultra competitive and driven to win…even at a resting state. So, there’s this competitive side of me that wants to build businesses. But then there’s this other side that comes alive through the process of taking the ideas out of my mind and bringing them to form. What that looked like before I was building a creative business full time: I was working for a large public accounting firm as a CPA & business consultant to public and large private companies, running marathons, and participating in competitive Crossfit, while spending my free time hand-quilting and painting. Now, I’ve married these two sides of myself through my business, selling goods I’ve designed for the home. However, some days I want to only build businesses regardless of the product, and some days I want to be living barefoot inside a geodesic dome in the desert making music and art all day. Making sure I make space to explore & create is key. Even if the only creating I get to do for the week is creating content for my Instagram.”

What`s your favorite item in your shop?
“My new Mali Frame Collection, with pattern inspired by the African textile tradition of mudcloth, is my favorite product line that I’ve ever offered.”


Find her here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @alysestudios
F A C E B O O K : @AlyseStudios
P I N T E R E S T : AlyseStudios

Thank you so much Alyse for the interview! I wish I had a workspace like yours, it`s truly beautiful and inspiring!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m sharing this shop with you to support the owner.


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