Only two more weeks until Christmas!! Time flies by so fast!

I hope you`re spending a wonderful pre-Christmas period and you`re not too stressed. Buying your Christmas presents online definitely is the more stressless solution than going to the crowded shops on weekends! So here I have another small business I want to introduce you too!

Read the interview I did with Alex from Faltblatt:


Please tell us about yourself!
“Hello! My name is Alex, born in Poland, now living in Leipzig, Germany. I studied photography and worked as a photographer for a couple of years. After that I came to Germany for my master studies (journalism and public relation) and after my graduation I’ve decided to stay. 
Because of that I was changing apartments a lot during last years. Constantly moving out and in every couple of months had forced me to limit the amount of my belongings, furniture and interior accessories also. But after my boyfriend and I finally moved to our long-term flat, I just couldn’t wait to arrange it in our own, special way! I started looking for the lampshades to buy, but all I found just wasn’t right. So I decided to make them on my own, started googling the techniques and… this is how ( accidentally) Faltblatt was born!”

What are you selling?
“After hours of folding, months of tests and hundreds of prototypes I designed my own lampshades and decided to sell them online. Right now in my shop on Etsy you can find six different shapes of lampshades. I also offer fairy lights with little origami shades in different colors. Check them out!”


Where does this passion come from?
“Interior design is and has always been my great passion and I had even thought about studying it, but eventually it turned out the other way. I don’t regret it though. During the years working as a photographer I developed great sensibility to light and the atmosphere it gives. I consider my work at Faltblatt as a continuation, next step or level on this path. 
My aim is to design light, aesthetic, minimalistic objects that give warm, peaceful and cozy feeling. I use for the lampshades exclusively white paper and use color only for the decoration products (i mean light strings). I want the light and the form to play the main role and don’t want to distract them by too many factors. Less is more!”

What`s your favorite item in your shop?
“I like all of my products, each has a different story. But one of my favourite is the ZÜRICH lampshade. My friends just moved to Zurich and were looking for a lamp so they ordered it from me. It had to be big and round, but flat, because their flat was not so high and my friend is quite tall. So I started the inventing process, and my first prototype was actually the LILLY lampshade. I wanted to have more indirect light though, and this is why ZÜRICH lampshade got a regulated string on the bottom. You can close it or open widely, it depends on you! By the way later on I designed the bigger version also as a custom order.”

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Find her here
S H O P :
I N S T A G R A M : @faltblatt
F A C E B O O K : @studio.faltblatt

Maybe you`ve noticed that I put one of her lamps on my Christmas wish list! I really really like your designs Alex, thank you so much for your answers!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m sharing this shop with you to support the owner.


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