One minute to midnight by Amy Silver

It`s that time of the year again where I like to read books about Christmas, winter wonderlands, love, friendship and magic!
This book is the perfect holiday reading. It`s the story of two friends who share their New Year`s resolutions every single year just before midnight. Both are inseparable, they`re best friends for life… But what happens if one of them isn`t there anymore to share secrets, stories and wishes?
I love Amy Silver`s spelling style and her stories are always fun to read. The perfect mix of emotions: happiness, sadness, love!

Love, Caroline ♥




The little book by Selden Edwards

This book is a declaration of love to Vienna. I`ve been living in Vienna now for three years and I`m amazed by its beauty! This city has so much history and by walking through its alleys, I`m always imagining how people lived here hundred years ago. Selden Edwards managed to reconstruct the Vienna of the 1890s perfectly! The main character of the book lives in the 20th century, but something happened and then suddenly he finds himself in 1897 Vienna, an extremely exciting period! He meets people like Sigmund Freud or Gustav Mahler, he goes to the opera and spends many hours in the Cafe Central. With his knowledge of the future, he could change history completely! But could he actually change something, like preventing World War II, or does life happen like it`s supposed to?

A very good book!

Love, Caroline ♥


After you

After you by Jojo Moyes

It`s the continuation of the bestseller “Me before you”. My expectations were very high, because I loved the first book so so much! The second book was not as good as the first one as it is often the case. Anyway I love her writing style. She describes her characters so well! The story itself was a little bit exaggerated for my taste, but if you liked the first one, you should also read the second one. Who doesn`t like to know how Louisa continued with her life?

Love, Caroline ♥



Perfect by Rachel Joyce

I`ve read this book some time ago and I didn`t know if I should share it with you, because it was not my type. But then I thought, we`re all different and maybe some of you will like that book, so it would be a shame to not talk about it! The story`s about an eleven year old boy that wants to rescue his mother from a crisis. Sadly the world seems to turn against them! No matter how hard he tries everything gets worse.
As I said, I didn`t like this book. I found it hard to get into the story and sympathize with the characters.

Any book suggestions I could read over the summer?

Love, Caroline ♥


Me before you

Me before you by Jojo Moyes

First of all, you probably know this book and at least you`ve heard of it. If you haven`t read it, then you absolutely should! I think it`s the most beautiful love story I`ve ever read. But it`s not only the story that appealed to me, it`s mainly about how it`s written. The characters are so well described that you can actually see them. Sometimes I laughed out loud or I began to cry… Reading this book was like watching a film! Speaking of, this book was filmed and the movie will be in the cinemas this summer!! So hurry up if you haven`t read the book! And for all of you who haven`t, here`s a sneak peek of the story. Louisa is unemployed, until she finds a job as a caretaker. The patient, Will, is paraplegic. She never did something like that before and the patient doesn`t make it easy for her, but she doesn`t give up. And she won`t regret it, because Will shows her how different life can be as she`s used to…

Love, Caroline ♥