In August 2013 I moved to Vienna. We bought all the necessary furniture like a bed, a table, some chairs and blablabla. The following months I bought some decoration but at the beginning of this year I still thought that there was something missing! In April, my flatmate and I went to IKEA and finally  when we arrived in the plant department I knew what was missing: obviously some plants! I instantly fell in love with these succulents.

I do not know a lot about plants, because these are my first I have ever bought. But there are already some things I can tell you.


After about 2 months I saw that there were growing three tiny succulent babies. I let them grow to about 3 cm and then I decided to replant them in three tiny pots.


I carefully separated them  from the main plant. Then I shook the soil off from the tiny roots.

Succulent roots

After that I began to fill the pots with flower soil (like this one or you can use cactus soil like this one) and sand.


Then I buried the roots of the three tiny succulents. Next step: Waiting! Do not water them immediately, because they first have to adjust to the new soil.


I first watered them a week later. To do that I threw one ice cube in each pot. (You can read here why I do it like that.)


So that`s it! Now I have to wait to see if they`ll grow as big as the mama plant. I`ll keep you posted!

Love, Caroline ♥