It`s time to take a break!

I started this blog in July 2015 as a challenge for myself. I always wanted to have a blog and so I decided to try it over my summer holidays. At the end I didn`t want to give it up and so I continued until now, the end of the year 2016.

A lot has happened… I moved in with my boyfriend, I`m currently finishing my bachelor in architecture, I started working in an architecture office and only recently I opened a shop on Etsy TheCraftedFun. Having my own shop has always been a dream of mine too and I`m ready to invest a lot of time in it.

I`ve always loved to write blog posts and to share bits of my life here on Caroline`s Passion, but during the last months it felt more and more difficult to find blog content and only recently I realized that my blog takes too much of my precious time. Yes, time is probably one of the most precious things in life we have and I`m currently learning how to use it wisely.

It took me now over a month to make the decision of taking a break! But now that I made it, it feels good and right. I don`t know if this is gonna be the last post ever, maybe I`ll miss it so much that I will come back eventually, I just don`t know! The only thing I know for sure is that the pressure on my shoulders is much lighter now and this is a very good thing! Often we hold on to things that we should have let go a long time ago…

All of you who read this blog from the beginning or became followers only recently, I thank you! Every like, every comment, every single follower meant so much to me and it was a great pleasure to write for you! I hope I inspired some of you, because that has been my goal right from the beginning!

I wish you all a happy New Year 2017! I`m looking forward to what it will bring!

Love, Caroline ♥



December Currently.jpg

listening to this song on repeat.

baking not enough. I will catch up on this when I`m at home in Luxembourg!

sleeping in a cozy wooden hut at Maria Alm.

visiting Salzburg.

writing Christmas cards.

celebrating my grandma`s 90th birthday!!

eating a lot of red cabbage.

bought already all my Christmas presents! I just hope that they`ll fit all in my luggage… (Disadvantage when you live abroad!)

taking a Christmas break, but don`t worry my shop will reopen at the end of December.

looking forward to spending the holidays at home with my family and friends.

reading Christmas stories.

drinking everyday a tea from my advent calendar!

Love, Caroline ♥


At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.


My cousin published her third cookbook! And this time she collected recipes from our home country, Luxembourg!

Love those Luxembourg cookie cutters my cousin designed for the launch of her new book!

You don`t have an Advent wreath yet? Then maybe this easy DIY is exactly what you`re looking for!

Yes, the US presidential elections affected us all in some way… Loved the idea of writing your emotions down on Post-it notes and share it with the world!

My favorite Pinterest board at the moment.

Good to know! Here`s a list with the best air-cleaning plants for your home!

Looking through Elise`s archives to get inspired for our Christmas card this year.

What a great invention! I would love my Iphone to work like this, then I wouldn`t have to charge it twice a day…

Have you already seen the Facebook page of my shop TheCraftedFun?

Here`s my Christmas wish list from last year. Thinking about doing one this year as well!

Love, Caroline ♥


Card 14

reading Lori Nelson Spielman`s new book.

looking for some Christmas card inspirations.

waiting for my Gettoworkbook 2017 to arrive.

working three times a week in an architecture office and loving it!

packing my first order!! (Note: I opened a shop at the beginning of October)

listening to Christmas songs already!

loving to meet the makers in my Christmas special.

doing Yoga more regularly again and this feels so good!

watching Outlander.

baking these Christmas cookies.

thinking about Christmas gifts.

knitting a lot!! (as usual)

Love, Caroline ♥


At the end of each month I share some interesting things I found on the internet.


Amazing tree houses! Would love to sleep there!

Floor plans from your favorite tv shows apartments. This is so fun!

Sleeping one night in a house from Frank Lloyd Wright? This dream can come true!

One of my favorite bloggers got her second child! Congrats Ann-Marie, he`s so cute!

You love succulents as much as I do? Well then,  have you seen already succulent jewelry? Stunning!

I have a new favorite shop in Vienna!

This “rainbow baby” photoshoot gives hope to mothers who have suffered miscarriages. The pictures are impressive!

Papierprojekt has new stamps in her shop! Have a look, they`re beautiful!

What a beautiful modern Parisian apartment!

Have you seen that I opened a shop? TheCraftedFun is selling wooly goods that make you feel warm and cozy!

Love, Caroline ♥