10 salads

As you may know, I set a challenge for summer 2016. I want to try 50 salad recipes! Today I share with you my 10 favorite ones so far. I only give you a list of the ingredients, because normally salads are very easy to make, just combine everything! But if you have a question, please leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible!

Salad #1: Einkorn with summer vegetables and goat cheese 


  • cooked einkorn
  • cooked zucchini
  • cooked aubergine
  • cooked onion
  • cherry tomatoes
  • goat cheese
  • salt and pepper

dressing: mix olive oil, basil leaves and garlic gloves in a mixer, add balsamico vinegar


Salad #2: Baked spinach & avocado salad


This recipe is from the blog Ann-Marie Loves. I just left the quinoa out.


Salad #3: Cooked vegetables with goat cheese


  • cooked carrots
  • cooked tomatoes
  • cooked zucchini
  • goat cheese
  • salt and pepper


Salad #4: Zucchini-Tagliatelle with chicken 


  • cooked chicken
  • cooked zucchini
  • cherry tomatoes
  • feta
  • salt and pepper


Salad #5: Italian Pasta salad


It`s the same recipe as this one, only that you replace the green salad with 300g of pasta. You can also add some rucola if you like!


Salad #6: Salad à la Diane


  • cooked scampis
  • cooked zucchini
  • garlic gloves
  • cherry tomatoes
  • feta
  • salt and pepper


Salad #7: Beetroot salad with carrots, couscous and feta


  • cooked couscous
  • cooked carrots
  • cooked beetroots
  • garlic gloves
  • feta
  • parsley
  • salt and pepper

dressing: olive oil and balsamico vinegar refined with a little bit of honey


Salad #8: Fruit salad


  • apple
  • kiwi
  • peach
  • agave syrup


Salad #9: Salad with peaches and chicken


  • cooked chicken
  • cooked peaches
  • feta
  • mixed salad

dressing: olive oil, fruit vinegar, honey


Salad #10: Farmer`s salad


  • mixed salad
  • cooked and roasted potatoes
  • roasted bacon
  • hard-cooked egg
  • parmesan

dressing: mix olive oil, basil leaves and garlic gloves in a mixer, add balsamico vinegar


Have fun with the cooking!

Love, Caroline ♥



I`m a little bit behind with my One Little Word class! There has been a lot going on in my life in June and July and some things had to take a step back… Fortunately I`m in the middle of my summer holidays, so I have again lots of time for all the things I love!

I`m happy that everybody can do the One Little Word class at his own pace. You can also skip some prompts if you don`t want to do them. It`s really about how you feel! For example I did the June prompt at the end of July. It`s not how it`s supposed to be, but for me it was the right time.

In the June prompt, Ali Edwards invited us to take a step back and look at what we achieved so far and what the other half of the year should look like. She gave us some worksheets we should fill in. This task made me realize how much I`m actually connected to my word health. We`re in the middle of the year and I couldn`t have chosen a better word for myself!

Here`s what this prompt looks like in my One Little Word album:

OLW June 1

OLW June 2

OLW June 3

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m taking this class, because I`m interested in it. If you want to know more about it you can read this post and if you want to do this class as well, you can sign up for it here.


I think this is my favorite salad I tried so far! There are a lot of ingredients, I know… But I swear, it`s done in a few minutes and it tastes deliciously! A perfect salad for a warm summer evening, like we`re having them right now.

Italian Salad

Italian Salad
Serves 2

  • 250g green salad
  • 250g cherry tomatoes
  • 100g dried tomatoes in a glass with olive oil
  • 100g artichokes in a glass with olive oil
  • 125g mozzarella
  • 2 tbsp balsamico vinegar
  • 3 tbsp pine nuts
  • 3 slices of Parma ham
  • 50g parmesan
  • 1/2 bunch of basil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • salt and pepper
  1. For the dressing: Wash the basil and peel the garlic clove. Mix 50ml oil (from the glasses) with the basil and the garlic clove in a mixer. Season to taste.
  2. Cut the cherry tomatoes, the dried tomatoes, the artichokes and the mozzarella into pieces. Roast the pine nuts in a pan without oil! Pay attention that they won`t get burned.
  3. Take a bowl and add the salad. Mix it with the cherry tomatoes, the dried tomatoes, the artichokes, the mozzarella, the pine nuts, the balsamico vinegar and the dressing. Use your hands to pull the ham apart and garnish the salad with it. At the end use a vegetable peeler to peel the parmesan.

Enjoy and Gudden Appetit!

Love, Caroline ♥


We`re at the beginning of June and it is time for me to share my One Little Word May prompt! I think it has been my favorite prompt so far! The task was to go through life with open eyes and take pictures that remind us of our word.

OLW May 1

First thing I did, was going through my instagram and tag all the photos that have something to do with my word health with the hashtag #olwcaroline. (I use this hashtag for all my One Little Word related pictures. It`s so fun to create your own hashtags and have your photos organized by themes. If you haven`t done that yet, you should!)

Throughout the month I also took some new pictures that are health related to me.

OLW May 2

At the end of the month I used Photoshop to add some text to my pictures. For every single photo I wrote “health is… ” and then added what that picture reminds me of.

And now some layout informations. My One Little Word album has the size of a DinA5. So I always use a DinA4 and cut it in half, like this:

OLW May 3

I printed the photos at home on my Brother printer and I used this photo paper. I`m super happy with the quality and the result!!

OLW May 4

For my album pages, I always use some thicker paper (200g). These are also DinA4 and I just cut them in half so that they fit in my album. I used these sticky tapes to paste the photos on to the white sheet. I used these, because they are very affective without you getting your hands all sticky.

And here`s what the May prompt looks like in my album:

OLW May 5

If you want to see more of the album you can go on reading here.

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I`m taking this class, because I`m interested in it. If you want to know more about it you can read this post and if you want to do this class as well, you can sign up for it here.


This is the first recipe of my “Trying 50 salad recipes – Challenge”, that I want to share with you. One of the best things about Spring are asparagus. I love them! And I like to eat them in 100 different ways, so I was very happy to find this recipe. It`s not a classic salad, but that`s exactly what I`m looking for! I want all those fanciest salad recipes please!!


Asparagus with goat cheese and eggs
Serves 2

  • 500g green asparagus
  • 3 eggs
  • 250g goat cream cheese
  • some chive
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut the ends of the asparagus. Heat some water in a big and a small pot. Put the asparagus in the big pot an the eggs in the small one. Let both cook for 10 minutes.
  2. Wash the chive and cut it into pieces. Mix it with the goat cream cheese. (You can add a little bit of water to make the texture more creamy.) Salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Peal the eggs and cut them into pieces. Lay the asparagus on a plate. First put some goat cheese on it and then the eggs.

And that`s it! Sooo easy and soooo delicious! Gudden Appetit! (Means “enjoy your meal” in Luxembourgish.)

Love, Caroline ♥