Two weeks ago Pit and I left Vienna for a little getaway. Three years ago I gave him a Jochen Schweizer coupon for Christmas (yes I know THREE YEARS AGO!) and it was definitely time to use it!

We decided to go to the Hüttendorf Maria Alm in Austria. It`s a little village build of small cabins and it was as idyllic as it sounds!



We got a beautiful hut for us alone. Included were an infrared cabin and a wood stove! Oh man, one day I want to have a wood stove in my house! I`m always feeling cold and a wood stove would be my favorite companion!
We had a little terrace too, which I imagine in summer is perfect for having a breakfast outside in the sun! Now in winter it was just too cold to sit outside!





We just spent one night in this cabin, so most of the day we spent in front of the wood stove, but we went for a little walk too and I got a Kaiserschmarrn, my favorite dish!





The second day, we drove to Salzburg, because it wasn`t far away and Pit has never been there before. Christmas time is always special in every city, but on weekends it can be very stressful! The streets, cafes and markets were filled with people and it was impossible to find a quite place…

Aside from that, we enjoyed our time in Salzburg. It`s a beautiful city!







I have some eating and drinking tips for you too! One of my favorite parts of discovering a city always is to find cute restaurants and cafes!

Starting with breakfast, we went to Café Glüxfall which I can highly recommend! Everybody gets a little sheet where you can tick off what you want to eat. It`s a fun idea and the food is amazing!
In the afternoon, you have to go to the Cafe Würfelzucker if you like apple strudels. All strudels are freshly made and delicious!!
In the evening, we went to a typical Austrian licensed house named Triangel. This is also a must when being in Salzburg, you have to eat Austrian food at least once!




Pit and I have been living in Vienna for three years now and we never went anywhere else in Austria. This has been the first time and I hope we are repeating it next year!

Love, Caroline ♥



Ok when you see the pictures of the apartment Pit and I chose, you probably won`t understand why it was love at first sight! But first things first!

A while ago Pit and I decided to move in together. We immediately started looking for apartments on the internet and we noticed quickly that it would be difficult to find something that suits all our expectations…
We wanted to have a separate room that works as an office, we wanted a balcony, the apartment should be big enough that all our current belongings would find a place in it, the apartment should be situated well and most importantly it should cost less than our previous apartments. High expectations… I know!

But lucky us, all our problems were solved in just a few minutes… The only thing I had to do was talking to my best friend! I told her that we were looking for an apartment and she said she already knew a solution: In the building where she`s living there`s an apartment that`s getting renovated and when everything would go as they planned they would finish it at the beginning of September!

We discussed the details and it all just sounded perfect! Pit and I were thrilled! Only, we hadn`t seen the apartment yet… But at the beginning of June, we finally could go inside! And the following pictures will show you how it looked right then!

Here`s the floor plan for better orientation:



Apartment 1

Apartment 2


View from the bedroom into the vestibule:

Apartment 3

On the left there will be the toilet and on the right will be the bathroom:

Apartment 4

Apartment 5

Apartment 6


Our apartment is on the first floor. That`s why we can step outside into the halation that serves as a source of light and air for all the bathrooms in the building:

Apartment 7

Apartment 8

Apartment 9


Apartment 10

On the left is the living room and on the right is the entrance:

Apartment 15

Living room:

Apartment 11

Apartment 12


Apartment 13

Apartment 14

I believe it`s a little confusing for you to fully understand how the apartment is constructed. This was a very very early stage and I now can say (as we are at the beginning of September) that the apartment is completely finished!! *Hooray* Time to move in!

One more thing… you probably noticed that our new home has no balcony, although we wanted one. Well there`s another solution: Instead of every apartment having its own balcony, they decided to build a shared terrace for the whole building. We like that idea very much because 40% of the people that live there are friends of ours!

Updates on the current stage will follow soon… So stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥


Yesterday Pit and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. On the first of August 2011 he asked me if I wanted to be with him. I said yes and it was the best decision I`ve ever made! No matter what, I always want to remember that he taught me so much about life, he showed me different facings of myself I didn`t know they would exist, because of him I know what it means to love someone to the moon and back… In one sentence, he made a better person out of me!

1. August

Here`s the story how we met:

I`m a perfectionist. I think I was born that way! Everything in my life is planned in advance (as far as possible). Of course you can`t plan when, where and with whom you`re falling in love. And for me it took some time until I found it…

The funny thing is, that the one time I wasn`t perfect at all, love happened to me! I was seventeen and went out with my girls. We spent a funny evening with one or two drinks too much and when it was time to go home, everybody was in the bus, except for one… Me! I was still talking to friends, enjoying the evening and had totally forgotten the time! This NEVER happened to me before (and after). But it happened that day and when I realized that the bus and all my girls were gone, I panicked!

The girls called me and asked where I`ve been. They thought I would be sitting in the back of the bus, that`s why they weren`t looking for me right away. And when the bus was driving they realized that I wasn`t there at all. The bus couldn`t come back and I was afraid of calling my parents in the middle of the night. (Now five years later, I know that it wouldn`t have been a problem to call them, but I`m still glad I didn`t, because…)

I began to cry. The few people I knew who were still at the party had some drinks and couldn`t drive me home. It was the end of the world for me! I didn`t know how to cope with mistakes… (I know this is sooo silly, but it was exactly like that. I learned so much in those past five years.) I was drenched in tears, when a boy came to me and asked what happened. I knew him by sight, so I trusted him and told him the story. He laughed and said that he could help me. He was there by car and offered to bring me home.

And just like that, Pit helped me in a very dark moment (I`m laughing out loud as I`m writing this) of my life… He was my hero! And only two months after that night, we decided to go together through life as long as possible.

That`s how I found love! He`s my first boyfriend and I hope he will be the last one as well, but that`s still written in the stars…

I`m so grateful for every moment with you Pit! Here`s to the next 5, 10, 50, 100 years! I love you!

Love, Caroline ♥


Probably all of us have already had thoughts like that. Is now a good time to quit my job? When should we get married? When is the right time to get children? Is now a good time to travel the world? When should we buy a house?

For quite some time now there has been one particular question on my mind… Is now the right time to move in with my boyfriend? And some thoughts later, I asked myself if the “right time” exists at all!

Moving In

This summer, we will celebrate our fifth anniversary, so we have been together now for quite some time. A year ago Pit asked me if we should move in together. At first I was like “Whaaaat?”. It sounded to me like “Will you marry me?”. Ok not exactly but come on that question made our relationship more serious. (Not that it hasn`t been serious before!) But then, the more I thought about it, the more I liked this idea and thought “Why not?!”.
We`re both studying in Vienna and living with a roommate. Mine is finishing her studies this summer, so Pit and I thought that it would be good to wait a year, until she`s finished and I would have to change my current living situation anyway.

And now the time has come… Only two more months and my roommate and I will move out of our current apartment!
I have to say, I`m glad that Pit and I waited a year until we actually suit the action to the word. We had lots of time to talk about what we want and how we imagine living together. It feels good not to rush into something we haven`t thought enough about.

I still don`t know if it is the right time now, but as I said already, is there a right time at all? I think there is not one right time, but there are more right times! Two years ago, it would have been too early to move in together. Last year would have been the right time, as well as now, but probably also next year! And then there is another aspect too, everyone is different and everyone has his own needs. We will move in after being together for five years, but there are people who do the same after knowing eachother for six months or less. It`s all fine when it works for YOU!

I`m excited for what the future holds! And now I`m off looking for a new apartment… OUR HOME!

Love, Caroline ♥


In Provence there are so many picturesque villages. We lived in Gordes, which has the mention of being one of the most beautiful villages in France. Typically for Gordes are its sandstone houses. They have a convention there, that every house must have a beige facade and that makes it very beautiful. The village fits just perfectly in the environment.Gordes 1

Gordes 16Gordes 22

Next to Gordes lies the beautiful village of Roussillon.  It is build on a red rock and that`s why all the houses are painted in warm colors like red, yellow and orange. Again very picturesque!Gordes 17Gordes 18Gordes 19Gordes 20Gordes 21

The sea was a two-hour-drive away and we decided to go there at least once. (I`m not a big fan of the sea, because I don`t like the sand… But this view leaves you speechless!) We went to Cassis, which is well known for its beautiful colors of the sea! And yeah, it was really amazing!Gordes 23Gordes 24Gordes 25Gordes 26Gordes 27Another day, we went to Lourmarin. That was one of our favorite villages, because of its coziness! It has a lot of little boutiques and cafes where it`s difficult to get a seat, because the terraces are so crowded. But once you have your seat you don`t want to leave either. It`s the perfect place to observe the people who are passing. (And we really like to do that!)

Gordes 29 Gordes 30

That same day we also went to Bonnieux from where you have a wonderful view! Aside from that, there`s not so much to see and it`s not really worth going.Gordes 31Gordes 32

The highlight of our vacation was my father`s bicycle tour to the Mont Ventoux. It was already his second time ascending it by bike. We drove with our car to the top and couldn`t believe that my dad really did this rise by bike. The Mont Ventoux has a height of 1912 m and there are some really heavy rises. It`s a popular tour among cyclists. As I said, we were happy to go to the top by car and on our way we stopped sometimes to cheer for my dad. It was so fun! (And dad I`m really proud of you!)
Gordes 33Gordes 34Gordes 35Gordes 36Gordes 37Gordes 38

And that`s it! If you like to read more about our vacation in Provence, you can do this here.
Thanks for reading!

Love, Caroline ♥