I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of good food, talks with your family and of course gifts! Speaking of gifts, this year I thought a lot about how I wanted to wrap my presents. I love to make gifts and the boxing is an important part of it. Especially for Christmas, because the presents are lying under the tree for some days and I want them to look good! (Yes the perfectionist is speaking…)

This year I opted for a minimalistic wrapping with a little touch of extravagance!



I used a wrapping paper in beige (I imagine red, black or white would also be gorgeous). I used a grey and white cord to swathe the presents and I attached a gift tag with the name of the presentee. At the end I clamped some cut fir tree branches under the cord to give it a little pep!


I was very pleased with how it turned out and everybody was thrilled with the outside and the inside! Exactly as it`s supposed to be!

Love, Caroline ♥



Card 1

A few weeks ago, friends of mine got married. Sadly I was in Vienna and couldn`t travel home to congratulate them by myself. So I thought it would be nice to send them a handcrafted card! Who doesn`t like to get some happy mail?

Card 2

To do this little DIY, you need:

  • this Wedding Card PDF (I designed it in Photoshop and thought it would be easier for you if you just can print it out)
  • gouache colors (I used the colors red, yellow, blue and green)
  • cotton swabs

Card 3

First I took a piece of paper to try the technique. It isn`t difficult at all, but I always recommend to try it first if you haven`t done it before! So here`s what you have to do: Take one cotton swab for each color. Dunk it in the tube and just dab it on the paper. That`s it!

Card 4

So if you tried the technique, just print the PDF (size DINA4) and fold it in the middle. Now you can speckle little dots! Don`t forget to let it dry a little bit, before writing some words on the back!

Card 5

And that`s it! Sooo easy! I`m sure, it`s also a great DIY to do with little kids! Doesn`t that card just look like pure happiness? I really like how it turned out!!

Love, Caroline ♥


My 2015 in pictures book finally arrived!! It took a little bit longer to finish it than I expected. But here it is and it is awesome!!

I designed the book with Blurb and a s always, I`m super happy with the quality. I decided to do a hard cover, because it is more resistible than a soft cover. And I want it to last forever! The size of the book is 18×18 cm, which is perfect, because the book only contains everyday pictures which don`t need to be displayed on a large scale.

You can read more about the idea of “365 – a Picture a Day” here. And now let`s have a look at the book!

365 Book 1

365 Book 14

365 Book 15

For the front and the back cover I used my favorite pictures of the ones that are in the book. It briefly tells my 2015 story: I read a lot, I learned how to knit, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, I did a lot of walks…

And here is a peek inside the book:

365 Book 6

365 Book 3

365 Book 2

365 Book 4

365 Book 7

365 Book 8

365 Book 5

365 Book 9

365 Book 10

365 Book 11

365 Book 12

365 Book 13

When I got the book, I took this pen and wrote all over it! Pictures don`t tell everything and some memories need to be remembered forever. So writing some thoughts down makes the book complete in my eyes!

I did this book out of a little challenge. Documenting a whole year was a big project and I didn`t thought that I would actually finish it. But I did!! At the end it got really difficult to remember to take a picture every single day. (And I missed some!) I hung on, but I decided not to do such a book for 2016.

Now that I have the book, I`m so glad I did it!! And I want to do a similar book for 2016 anyway. For that one, I change the concept a little bit. In fact it`s not necessary to really take a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY. The main thing is to have taken some pictures during the month that show a little bit what I did and then I choose 30 of them to use in the book.
As I`m posting nearly daily on Instagram, this will help me a lot to have enough pictures.

I learned that this isn`t a project of perfectionism, it`s ok to not have taken a picture every single day! The main thing is to have a book at the end that tells your story of a particular year!

Love, Caroline ♥


Last summer I went to Amsterdam with my three best friends. (You can read all about it here and here.)
Last year I decided to do a photo book of every trip or vacation I`ll do. I always take a lot of pictures and it is too sad to let them get dusty on my computer. Let`s be honest, how many times do you look at your photos that are on your computer? Not often I guess… I can tell you, when there lies a book on your bedside table (it can also stand in a shelf), you`ll probably look more often through your pictures! And the best thing about it: all the memories are right there, you just have to open the book!

Amsterdam Book 1

I`m not the scrapbooking type of person, I prefer digital photo books. I used Blurb to design this book. They have several options how to create a book and I always work with their program called BookWright. They have finished layouts, but you can also create your own ones. It really is so easy! Just choose your layouts, insert your pictures and upload the finished book. That`s it!

Amsterdam Book 2

Amsterdam Book 3

For my vacation or trip books, I always take the 25×20 cm size and I choose the hardcover, because it is more resistant.
I`m always so pleased with the result! The quality of the books is excellent!

Amsterdam Book 4

Amsterdam Book 5

My dream is, that some day I`ll have a shelf that holds all my vacation books! (Like this.) But first I have to travel! And my next trip is only six weeks away! Stay tuned!

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I used the services of Blurb several times and am very pleased with the quality of their products.


I love documenting life! I like taking pictures and I love photo books. And that`s why, a year ago, I decided to document 2015 by taking one picture every single day. It was kind of like a challenge. Will I really take a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY? (Now I can say: Yes I did!) It can be a picture of the book I`m currently reading, the activity I did that day, the spaghetti I ate or something beautiful I saw. In short, everyday pictures!

Of course just taking pictures is not enough, I need something to hold in my hands: a photo book! I did already some photo books with Blurb and I am very pleased with the quality. So this one is also going to be a Blurb book. I downloaded BookWright, a very easy program for creating books and for this book I chose the 18x18cm size. I haven`t decided yet if I want a hard or a soft cover. But what I have decided on is that all the pictures should be squares and I switch between small, big and full page squares. Like this I have an easy layout that alternates and all the pages match without being boring.

365 1

Above you can see the first page of February. All the months start like this. For the rest of the book I take the layouts I want. Here are some examples:

365 2

365 3

365 4

As you can see, on the last one I left a blank. That`s because once I have the book, I want to write down some notes and facts. Not for every single picture, only when I feel the urge to add something.

I can`t wait to finally hold the book in my hands. Only a few more days to go and then 2015 is over! And that means, I can order the book!  Of course I will show it to you, once I have it!

A whole year in pictures, is there a better way to hold on to all the small and big memories? I don`t think so! 2016 is around the corner, so what are you waiting for? 365 days, 365 pictures, a lot of memories and all of it in one book! Are you ready for a challenge?

Love, Caroline ♥