Spring has definitely arrived in Vienna!
The nature outside is just sooooo beautiful and that`s why I wanted to hold on to it on film.  On Saturday, the sun came out and the temperatures were rising, so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk in my neighborhood.
And those are the pictures I took. Enjoy!

Flowers 1

Flowers 3

Flowers 2

Flowers 4

Flowers 5

Flowers 6

Flowers 7

Flowers 8

Love, Caroline ♥



Only 9 days until Christmas!! I hope you have all your presents so far and that you now can enjoy Christmas time at full length!
At this time of the year, Vienna looks more beautiful than ever. I like it when the whole city gets decorated with millions of pretty lights, it`s like the city beams with joy!
Of course the topic of this month`s photo walk had to do something with Christmas, so here you go, have a look at some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna!

Christmas market 1

Christmas market 8

Christmas market 3

Christmas market 7

Christmas market 2

Christmas market 4

Christmas market 5

Christmas market 6

Love, Caroline ♥


For many reasons I really like taking walks. 1) I get fresh air. 2) I get some exercise. 3) I clear my head. 4) I can listen to podcasts. 5) And since I have a fitbit, I can hit my step goal by taking a good long walk.

Some time ago I found this post on Elise Cripe`s blog and I immediately thought that I wanted to do the same thing. By doing a photo walk, I can combine two of my passions: taking pictures and taking a walk! So I decide on a topic, for example “fall”, and then while taking my walk I photograph everything that falls in this category.

My first photo walk is about Luxembourg city, my home town. I took these pictures in the summer and I hope to give you a little bit of summer feeling. Who doesn`t need some summer memories in dark November, right?Luxembourg City 1 Luxembourg City 2Luxembourg City 3Luxembourg City 4Luxembourg City 5Luxembourg City 6Luxembourg City 7Luxembourg City 8Luxembourg City 9Luxembourg City 10Luxembourg City 11

Love, Caroline ♥