Two weeks ago Pit and I left Vienna for a little getaway. Three years ago I gave him a Jochen Schweizer coupon for Christmas (yes I know THREE YEARS AGO!) and it was definitely time to use it!

We decided to go to the Hüttendorf Maria Alm in Austria. It`s a little village build of small cabins and it was as idyllic as it sounds!



We got a beautiful hut for us alone. Included were an infrared cabin and a wood stove! Oh man, one day I want to have a wood stove in my house! I`m always feeling cold and a wood stove would be my favorite companion!
We had a little terrace too, which I imagine in summer is perfect for having a breakfast outside in the sun! Now in winter it was just too cold to sit outside!





We just spent one night in this cabin, so most of the day we spent in front of the wood stove, but we went for a little walk too and I got a Kaiserschmarrn, my favorite dish!





The second day, we drove to Salzburg, because it wasn`t far away and Pit has never been there before. Christmas time is always special in every city, but on weekends it can be very stressful! The streets, cafes and markets were filled with people and it was impossible to find a quite place…

Aside from that, we enjoyed our time in Salzburg. It`s a beautiful city!







I have some eating and drinking tips for you too! One of my favorite parts of discovering a city always is to find cute restaurants and cafes!

Starting with breakfast, we went to Café Glüxfall which I can highly recommend! Everybody gets a little sheet where you can tick off what you want to eat. It`s a fun idea and the food is amazing!
In the afternoon, you have to go to the Cafe Würfelzucker if you like apple strudels. All strudels are freshly made and delicious!!
In the evening, we went to a typical Austrian licensed house named Triangel. This is also a must when being in Salzburg, you have to eat Austrian food at least once!




Pit and I have been living in Vienna for three years now and we never went anywhere else in Austria. This has been the first time and I hope we are repeating it next year!

Love, Caroline ♥



Here`s the very last part of my trip through Croatia. (Read all about my different stops here.)

It was in August, in the middle of summer, that I went to that beautiful country. When I look now through the pictures I can hardly believe that I actually saw such beautiful places. It was like a dream! Croatia has so many different landscapes, amazing cities and delicious food… If you haven`t been there, you definitely should!

Our last stop was in Dubrovnik. This was my favorite city of the whole tour! You shouldn`t miss it when going to Croatia, it`s a must! The old city center is formed by a castle and circled by a wall on which you can walk. From up there you have the most amazing view over the city and the sea! But please see for yourself, I think the pictures tell enough…








If you`re a fan of the series “Game of Thrones”, then you probably know the narrow streets of Dubrovnik and its beautiful castle. When walking through this city I permanently felt like walking through a film set! It was hard to believe that those beautiful old walls were real!








Also the light that day was too good again! Perfect for taking pictures! That country is just magical… I wish I could go back some time soon!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures in dark, rainy November! Are you dreaming about your next vacation too? Where do you want to go? I would love to hear!

Love, Caroline ♥


It`s October and as I`m writing this, it`s cold, grey and raining outside. So I thought it would be perfect to look through my photos that I took this summer in Croatia. And right I was! These pictures are giving me so much sunshine and I`m already thinking where I want to go next year. Somewhere where the sun is shining, that`s for sure!

But for now, I have to content myself with memories from Croatia! After our stop in Sibenik, we drove to Split. We spent there three nights which was perfect, because you can do so many things there! For example we did some rafting at the Cetina river. I never did that before and was quite nervous about it, but in the end it wasn`t dangerous at all! The Cetina river is a very quiet river and perfect for rafting beginners.



Split was definitely one of my favorite stops! The city center is just amazing! If you`re interested in ancient history or architecture, then Split is a must on your to-do (to-see) list! The Diocletian Palace build by the Roman Emperor Diocletian forms about half the old town and city center of Split. No matter where you go, you are walking on ancient paths. I felt like I was in Disneyland, but the difference was that those walls were real! Such thoughts are overwhelming… at least for me!










Split, as many other cities in Croatia, lies directly by the sea. I love to look through alleys and see the sea at the end. It gives me the feeling of freedom!

I also loved to go for a walk on the seafront. From there you have a wonderful view over the harbor and you can observe the boats that come and go.


Split has a lot of good restaurants. I`m glad we stayed three nights there, but there were many more restaurants I would have loved to try! My favorite one was Bepa!. The design of the location and the food choice were fancy!


From Split you can do lots of boat tours and I definitely recommend to do at least one (unless you`re seasick). We wanted to go to Hvar or Brac, but sadly both tours were canceled because of bad weather conditions… We were very disappointed, but in the end we found another tour, so we could spent a day on a boat anyway!


We went to the Blue Lagoon, which wasn`t as exciting as it sounds! I think there are many places in the world where the sea has different shapes of blue… The Blue Lagoon in Croatia is not an exception!


The boat brought us to an island too. It was called Solta and it was paradisiac! Very quite, not much tourists… idyllic!




Yes these pictures brighten my grey, rainy day! I hope yours one too!

Love, Caroline ♥


Sibenik was the third stop on our tour through Croatia. It`s a city with ugly suburbs, but it has a cozy medieval center which is worth seeing. And as many cities in Croatia, it`s located near the sea which gives every city a special atmosphere.


Sibenik has two castles which are both worth visiting. They are freshly renovated and you have a wonderful view over the whole city, plus many islands! And there are hundreds at the Croatian coast!








In the city center itself, there are many alleys, a lot of stairs and very old houses. It`s really cozy and beautiful! We loved it very much.






If you want to go to Sibenik too, then go there for about a day. We needed six hours to visit everything and afterwards we walked on the sea promenade, watched the sunset and ate fish in a good restaurant. You definitely have to eat fish in Croatia, it`s one of their specialties!

Love, Caroline ♥


I`m back with another post about my trip to Croatia. Last week I talked about Zadar and today I want to show you some pictures of the national parks we visited.

At first we just wanted to visit the Krka National Park, but so many people told us that we should go to the Plitvice Lakes too. And I`m so glad we followed their advice, because we would have missed so much! So when you are planning a trip to Croatia, these are the two national parks you definitely should visit (if not more)!

Plitvice Lakes National Park was the first one we went to. From Zadar you need to drive about two and half hours, but it`s really worth the drive! I recommend to go there very early, especially in summer, because there can be many many people. The day we were there, it had rained the whole night which was a) good, because there was not so much traffic on the hiking trail and b) bad, because it was cold and there was no sun. Nevertheless the park was just amazing!!

Plitvice Lakes 7

Plitvice Lakes 2

Plitvice Lakes 1

Plitvice Lakes 6

Plitvice Lakes 5

Plitvice Lakes 4

Plitvice Lakes 3

There are 8 different tours from which you can choose. We did the route C and we were walking for about 4 to 5 hours. The walking paths are so much fun, because of all the wooden bridges you have to cross. I just love these bridges!
Included in the entrance price is also a boat ride across their biggest lake. After that ride, there`s a meeting place where you can have something to eat or drink.

Plitvice Lakes 8

Plitvice Lakes 9

Plitvice Lakes 10

Nature can be so fascinating! Just look at all those different shapes of green and blue… It looks like someone would have painted it, but no it`s reality! I`ve never seen such crystal clear water before… You might want to just jump in, but be aware that swimming is forbidden in the Plitvice lakes. If it`s a hot day (like the majority of the time in Croatia), then go to the Krka National Park, because here you`re allowed to swim!

We went there the next day and we were surprised that only a two hour drive away, nature can look so different! The Krka National Park looks like a tropical fairytale forest!

Krka 1

Krka 3

Krka 2

Krka 4

Krka 5

Krka 6

Krka 7

Krka 8

The highlight of this park is to take a swim at the end of the walking tour (which takes about one hour). So refreshing! But there are some things you should know…

  1. There are no lockers where you could put your stuff in.
  2. There is no lawn for sunbathing, only rocks! Because of this we only took a quick swim and off we were, although we planned to stay there a whole day!
  3. There are many rocks in the water, so maybe you`d like to wear water shoes.

Krka 9

Krka 10

We stayed only half a day in this park, but you can extend your visit by taking a boat to some islands where you can see an old abbey amongst other things. However the boat tours are not included in the entrance price and that`s the reason why we didn`t do it.

Both national parks are worth visiting, as I said before. But if you only have the time to visit one, then go to Plitvice Lakes! That was my favorite one. It`s bigger than the Krka National Park and there`s much more to see. But in the end you can`t compare them with each other… They`re both special in their own way!

So I`d like to know, have you already visited one of these national parks? How did you like them? Some more tips for someone who`d like to go there?

Love, Caroline ♥