On Saturday I went to the Austrian Parliament for a guided tour. I`ve seen it a million times from the outside, but never from the inside.

Parliament 1

The Austrian Parliament was built in 1883 by Theophil von Hansen and lies on the “Wiener Ringstraße”. The style is called neoclassicism.
During World War II, the building was damaged by bomb attacks. Fortunately it got restored. Most of the glass roofs still remind us of where exactly the bombs hit the building.

Parliament 2

Parliament 3

Parliament 4

Parliament 5

Parliament 6

Parliament 7

Parliament 8

Parliament 9

Parliament 10

Parliament 11

Parliament 12

It`s an amazing building and really worth visiting! I`m glad that I`ve finally seen it from the inside!
If you like to visit the Parliament, you can go to this website to get more information!

Love, Caroline ♥



About six years ago, I ate sushi for the first time. I have to say, it wasn`t love at first sight, but with the time my taste got used to it. And now… oh man, I love sushi!
Since that first day, I`m constantly trying new sushi restaurants. Most of the time, I ate good sushi (thank goodness), but there are big differences between the restaurants.

In Vienna I ate lots of good sushi, until I went to Mochi… where I ate great sushi!! A pure taste experience, that`s the only thing I can say about it! You have to try it for yourself! And if you don`t like sushi, that doesn`t matter, because they offer a lot of other Japanese dishes.

Mochi 1

Mochi 2

I`m a fan of their interior too. (As an architecture student I`m always looking at that! Coherent, no?) The whole atmosphere is rather dark, because of the black walls and the sparely light. Highlight is the wooden bar behind which is the show kitchen.

Mochi 3

You find Mochi at Praterstraße 16 (Vienna) and don`t forget to make a reservation! They are often booked up over a month in advance! (As I said, you get the best sushi here!)

Love, Caroline ♥