Weaving 1

I did it!!!

Maybe you remember this post about my goals for 2016. Well one of them is to learn how to weave. I learned how to knit last year and I fell in love with yarns! I never went to a class, I just taught myself. And that`s why I decided to teach myself weaving just by reading some tutorials. And it worked again!!

I know there`s still lots of improvement to be done, but hey you only learn by doing! And I`m very proud of that first weaving!

Weaving 2

I used this weaving kit by Martha Stewart. It`s great for beginners, because you can change the loom to different sizes and it`s not expensive!
I looked for some tutorials and finally used this one, because of all the pictures that describe the different steps perfectly.

I really encourage you to try a weaving on your own! That tutorial is great and I`m sure you can do this! It`s a very relaxing activity, similar to knitting, only that you don`t need to count rows. So it`s even more relaxing than knitting!

Weaving 3

And if you don`t want to weave, but still want to have a weaving hanging on your wall, then it`s your turn now! Because I`m giving that weaving away to YOU! (Not that I don`t want it, but I`ll be moving in summer and I only can take the necessary things with me. Besides, I`ll be doing a lot more weavings in the future!)
The size of the weaving is 23cm x 40cm and I`ll be shipping worldwide!!

To enter please leave a comment and tell me where you would like to hang that weaving. And to double your chance you can follow my blog by clicking on that orange “follow” button on the bottom of this page!

The giveaway will be closed on Tuesday the 31rst! I`ll be contacting the winner by email.

I wish you luck!!

Love, Caroline ♥

P.S. The giveaway is closed!



WeAreKnitters 4

Last Wednesday, my flatmate celebrated her birthday. We`ve been living together now for three years, so I know her quite well. Of course the present question turned up a while ago… And this year it wasn`t difficult to find the perfect fit! I know that she likes wearing scarves and I like to knit. It was that easy!

Ok not sooooo easy… I knew what I wanted to give her, but I didn`t know which pattern or wool I should choose. Luckily, I`m following some knitters on Instagram and that`s how I found the website We Are Knitters.

If you like knitting, then this site will be your heaven! They have a ton of different yarns and the quality is just amazing. (And the different colors are so *heart eyes emoji*!) What I love about their site is that you can choose between a lot of patterns from scarves, cardigans to decoration stuff. If you purchase a pattern, you get as much wool as you need and you can order the right needle size, if you don`t have them already. Don`t worry if you`re a beginner, they have a lot of patterns from easy to difficult and they have some videos on their website where they explain everything from the beginning.

After scrolling down their website for I don`t know how many hours (I want to knit so many things), I chose the Downtown Snood and the color aquamarine. A few days later, I got a lovely little package with all the things I needed.

WeAreKnitters 1

WeAreKnitters 2

The pattern was very easy to knit and after two days I had already finished that beautiful scarf!
My flatmate was very happy, when she opened the present. And she was surprised that I had done it by myself! Homemade presents are always the best!

WeAreKnitters 3


And now I have a little surprise for you! We Are Knitters is offering 20% off of your next purchase!! Use the code CAROLINEWAK16 to get it!

I wish you so much fun with knitting your next project!!

Love, Caroline ♥


Last year I started knitting. This year I want to learn how to weave. I love to work with yarn and I`ve heard that weaving isn`t difficult, so I`m going to figure it out for myself!

Last week my Martha Stewart weaving kit arrived and I can`t wait to start!! But first of all, here are some tutorials and inspiration! I hope to share with you soon my weaving progress!

Weaving Inspiration

Clockwise: • A very detailed weaving tutorial by A Beautiful Mess • I love the neutral colors of this weaving and the chunky wool • The golden ribbon in this piece by Sunwoven is gorgeous • Follow Sunwoven on her Instagram to see more beautiful weavings • Here is another great weaving tutorial by A Beautiful Mess • The Woven Craft is a great source of inspiration • Of course Maryanne Moodie has to be on this list, her Instagram is gorgeous • Just simple stripes, but very beautiful

Love, Caroline ♥


A year ago, I learned how to knit. My first project: a blanket (which I still haven`t finished)! Looks like a lifetime project… (Just kidding.) As much as I love knitting the little squares for this blanket, I needed a change. I wanted to knit something easy and something that I can wear. So I decided to knit a scarf. And I can tell you, even if you`re a beginner, you can do this one, because it`s an easy pattern.

Scarf 1

So here`s how to do it:

  • I used this wool and I needed five balls of it. Of course you can use another wool, you just need to make sure that it is a similar one. I used size ten circular needles. So make sure that your wool should also be knitted with size ten needles.
  • The pattern:
    Cast on 26 stitches.
    In the first row, alternate with 2 stitches right and then 2 stitches left. 2 stitches right, 2 stitches left until the row is finished.
    In the second row, do 2 stitches left and then 2 stitches right and so on.
    In the third row, you repeat the second row. (2 stitches left, 2 stitches right)
    In the fourth row, you repeat the first row. (2 stitches right, 2 stitches left)
    This is the pattern repetition.
    Now you have to repeat it until the scarf is approximately 166cm long. Then cast off and weave in the ends. And then you just have to join the two ends of the scarf by stitching them together. That`s it!

Scarf 2

I really like how it turned out! I chose the color black, because it fits with everything. But I think I will knit this scarf in other colors too. You can never have enough scarfs, right?
In the pictures you can see my sister. I gave her the scarf as a gift for Christmas, because self-made gifts are my favorite!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Love, Caroline ♥


One of my goals for 2015 is learning how to knit. In February, coincidentally I found a magazine that explains the different steps from step one to step nine hundred ninety-nine! Additionally you can find some videos on their website, so it`s really easy to follow, even if you are a beginner like me.Knitting01 Knitting02In this magazine you find many small projects, but the big one is to knit a blanket. In every new issue, you get a ball of wool and learn a new pattern by knitting squares of 15×15 cm.

I couldn`t wait, so I started to stitch the first twelve squares together and I`m so happy with the result! Knitting03Knitting04Of course the blanket is still very small (I think I need 100 squares to get a good size), but it does look like one! A year ago, knitting was a total secret for me and now look at this! I`m so proud and happy that I started this. It`s my favorite amusement at the time (and it will be for the next months, because as you can see, I started knitting in February and I only have twelve squares yet!). It`s a project that progresses slowly, but that`s fine for me. One step at a time!

I`ll keep you posted on my instagram and I`ll share some pictures with you once my blanket is finished! (In 6 months? A year? Two years? We`ll see!)

If you have any questions, please comment below and I`ll answer as soon as possible :)

Love, Caroline ♥

Please note: This is not a sponsored post.